Complete your Christmas gift list with HWM's Gift Guide 2017 supplement!
By Lionell Go Macahilig - on 05 Dec 2016, 12:58pm

The latest edition of HWM Philippines’ annual Gift Guide supplement is already out and it can be simply summed up in this way: work, home, and everything in between. Whether we like it or not, this is the reflection of the lives of many of us, if not all, and the elements therein are interconnected in literal, figurative, and technological manner. We’ll not delve deeper into the literal and figurative aspects, but this supplement will demonstrate the connectivity among work, home, and the elements interspersing between them. The seamless relationship among these is further strengthened with today’s availability of better wired and wireless connections and consumers’ broader access to the devices that are compatible with these connections. Showcased in the pages of this supplement are some of the latest iterations of these devices which you can add to your growing list of gift ideas, whether it is intended for others or for yourself, this special season of gift-giving. We wish everyone an empowering and meaningful holidays!

Head on to the nearest bookstore or magazine stand and grab a copy of HWM Philippines' Gift Guide 2017!

Lionell Go Macahilig

Lionell Go Macahilig / Group Editor

Building on the learnings that he earned from the academe and his almost three-year professional experience in the outsourcing industry, Lionell joined HardwareZone Philippines in 2007. In his free time, he runs his PC shop and reads various articles online. He also likes cats and jogging.