How Mobile Technologies Could Change the Way Certain Games are Being Played
By Lionell Go Macahilig - on 01 Jul 2014, 4:41am

Apple iPad Air

If there’s one thing we all crave it’s the latest tech, something flashy, and cool that we can show off when we’re out and about, the most popular of tech of late is mobile. Thanks to the latest advancements in smart device technology, our mobile devices can now process information faster and render games with higher graphical standards.

We’re aware the new Apple ID is becoming a mainstay of new iPhone and iPad tablets with the latest iPad Air containing a more sophisticated version of the iPhone version. But this is all technology that’s coming within the next year, so what does the future of mobile technology hold in store for us, not in a year or two, but perhaps ten or twenty years from now.

For starters it seems that flexible phones are coming. Last year, Samsung showed off their planned flexible phone. Although it was only a prototype, they envisioned a series of phones that could be twisted to fit a variety of shapes. Just imagine being able to boot up a gaming website that's strapped to your wrist or wrapped around your hand. Perhaps you have to shake your arm to spin the reels if the phones have a built in gyroscope like a lot of ordinary handhelds now have.

Samsung Gear Fit

Another concept that’s gaining a lot of ground is wearable technology. Samsung for example has S-Health, an app built into a wearable wrist band that would monitor weight, diet, pulse, and would help you create a fitness plan. Now imagine building this into a game, say before you could play your favorite slot game, you had to run a number of laps, or do a set amount of push ups for a specific number of spins on a game. That way you get some exercise as well as having a chance to win yourself a little bit of money. Or you could perhaps use it as a sophisticated controller. For example, if you were playing a game of roulette, you could reach your arm out and make the spinning motion to make the onscreen reels start to turn as if you were turning them yourself.

There’s also the latest development of power surface charging technology, so now rather than strapping your phone in to various wires or battery packs you can just place it on a charging mat, and still play your games while your phone charges for you. Not only will this result in longer gameplay sessions but you’ll also have a fully charged phone.

Apple iPhone 5s

Finally there’s the latest improvements in smartphone cameras. With the iPhone 5s having 1080p footage capture quality you can just imagine all the different ways for you to use your camera for the various Augmented Reality games. For example, you could use the high definition image to overlay a poker table or slot machine onto your kitchen table or a surface at home. The camera could then track your movements on screen and you could then touch different sections on the surface you’re using to cause different reactions from the game you’re playing.

Although these are mainly hypothetical suggestions, they are based on technology that is either already existing or is currently in development. Whether this will be the way the technology will be actually used remains to be seen, but at least the coming years are going to get very interesting for tech fans.

Lionell Go Macahilig

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