Petron’s tip to make your holiday travels more fun and worry-free
By Ciara Alarcon - on 16 Mar 2017, 4:24pm

If you’re planning for a long road trip, Petron Corporation claimed that a visit to Petron Car Care Center or Petron service station will make your travels more fun and worry-free.

Petron also recommends an oil change to guarantee your long-distance roadtrip. The company noted that the right engine oil ensures its efficient operation by reducing engine stress and maintaining engine cleanliness.

For gasoline engines, Petron Ultron is recommended to match Petron Blaze 100, Petron XCS, and Petron Xtra Advance gasolines. For diesel engines, however, the best match for Petron Diesel Max and Petron Turbo Diesel fuels are Petron Rev-X diesel engine oils.

Meanwhile, Petron formulated its Petron Sprint 4T motorcycle oils for greater thermal and oxidation stability.

Aside from these, customers can also ask for a free Blowbag Safety Check which covers the brakes, lights, oil, water, batteries, air, and gas check.

Ciara Alarcon

Ciara Alarcon / Writer