These four young celebrities go cashless (and why you should too)
By Lionell Go Macahilig - on 16 Des 2016, 9:40pm

The YAZZ Squad: Ruru Madrid, Coleen Garcia, Yassi Pressman, and Tom Rodriguez

What do celebrities Coleen Garcia, Ruru Madrid, Tom Rodriguez, and Yassi Pressman have in common? Did you know that all of them are proud users of the YAZZ Card? Yes, you read it right! They use the YAZZ Card from Metrobank, the all-around reloadable prepaid VISA card that allows online and cashless transactions with millions of accredited VISA merchants worldwide!

Using the YAZZ Card is easy. Simply load it and you will be able to use it in paying bills and shopping at your favorite boutiques, supermarkets, and 24/7 convenience stores worldwide. Employing the same EMV chip technology used in major credit cards, the YAZZ Card provides you protection, in addition to the convenience and security of cashless shopping, especially this Yuletide season.

“I have one and want to get one for my brother too, because it’s a good alternative to a credit card. Plus, I can easily send him money for emergencies just by loading his YAZZ Card,” shares Coleen, adding that the remittance feature is one of the key reasons she decided to get a YAZZ Card.

“What I love about the YAZZ Card is you could use it as a tool to teach kids - as well as adults - about finances. You can encourage them become budget savvy, financial savvy by allowing them to manage their own accounts – while the parents can still control and check in on their expenses. Here, there is no risk of going overboard. It’s handy for emergencies as well,” Ruru adds. 

“Before I would pay for my new gadgets and devices in cash, but now I use my YAZZ Card. I don’t have to bring too much cash always,” Tom says.

“I’m an impulsive buyer and I love shopping online too! Now with my YAZZ Card, I’m super happy!” shares Yassi who used to rely on her parents and friends to use their credit cards. Now with the YAZZ Card, she conveniently uses it during her shopping spree, when paying for the books online, and making hotel reservations when travelling.

A good alternative to a credit card with remittance feature, a simple means for managing finances, and a secure, cashless payment tool when purchasing in stores or online, the YAZZ Card is truly an innovative and versatile way to pay. Just like the YAZZ Squad Coleen, Ruru, Tom, and Yassi, you can have the benefits that they experience by getting a YAZZ Card.

Lionell Go Macahilig

Lionell Go Macahilig / Group Editor

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