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Spreading the Virus

Kevin Bruce Francisco

Whenever you open your Facebook or Tumblr profile, you see videos shared by a friend or a contact that flood your news feed. You click it, watch, and later on find yourself very entertained. In this article we look at how and why these videos get viral and I'll throw in a couple of my own favorites.

Mobile Apps: The Next Gold Rush?

Rico Cruz

Draw Something: US$200 million. Instagram: US$1 billion. Companies are paying big bucks for mobile applications that seem to have no means of making money. Is this a new bubble? Or are they really on to something?

Gaming For Science!

Alfred Bayle

We all know that games and simulations are employed in the army to train soldiers but who would have thought that games could also help scientists. A puzzle game named Foldit is helping scientists unravel the mysteries of proteins with assistance from a community of gamers all over the world.

SUPERB! Intel Celebrates Filipino Creativity Through Digital Short Filmmaking Contest

Jason Marges

Intel Philippines recently announced the winners of its just-concluded short filmmaking competition, dubbed as the Intel Digital Showdown. Celebrating local talent in the field of filmmaking, the contest revealed some pleasantly impressive works. We share the best three in this week's blog.

Google's + Factor

Jason Marges

There’s a new player in the social networking game, and it comes from no less than Google itself. The hype is there, to be sure, but the jury’s still out on whether G+ will pan out favorably for the WWW’s big G in the long run. This author, however, sees lots of potential to be realized in the new SNS platform.

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