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Geekify: How to Send Huge Chunks of Files?

Katrina Canlas

Sending of large files over the Internet has become more of a necessity nowadays. Aside from sending large chunks of data using an email, take a look at some of the best services that offer quick and easy sharing.

Instagram and Vine - Sharing Snippets of Life

Kevin Bruce Francisco

In case you haven't heard, Instagram just launched a new update that lets users record short videos and upload it online - pretty much what the Twitter-owned app, Vine, does. So what do these two apps have in common? How are they different? Read on and we'll find out.

Salivating For Some Ice Cream Sandwich?

Alfred Bayle

Ice Cream Sandwich has started to appear in the latest tablets and smartphones. But what about older Android devices? Will your current smartphone and tablet be able to ride the Android 4.0 wave or, will it be left behind in the era of Gingerbread?

A Perspective On Philippines' Business Software Industry

Lionell Go Macahilig

HardwareZone Philippines interviewed with Mr. Joey Gurango, the Founder and Managing Director of Gurango Software Corporation. Speaking from his vast experience in the field of software development, Mr. Gurango explained some of the important aspects and usage trends of business software in the Philippines.

Get Android Fit!

Jason Marges

The life of the common tech nerd/geek/however-you-call-it is quite tricky to associate with the common concept of fitness. Thankfully, our gadgets and gear are well-equipped enough to help us keep up with the demands of a healthier lifestyle. Here are some examples, courtesy of the Android mobile apps ecosystem.

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