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How Mobile Technologies Could Change the Way Certain Games are Being Played

Lionell Go Macahilig

Mobile technologies, both commercially available and currently in development, are capable of changing not only the way we work and do our daily activities, but also the way how we play certain games. Here are some examples.

Handheld Overlords

Alfred Bayle

Smart devices are more or less electronic Swiss knives in our bags and pockets in their capacity to provide us with many of our modern electronic conveniences. But more than that, smartphones and tablets can even take control of other electronic gadgets!

Alternate Reality Or Augmented Reality?

Alfred Bayle

There's no escaping the tide of information that continues to knock at our doorsteps so we look to our handheld smart devices to help get us around and keep us entertained through the resurgent interest in the development of augmented reality and how it can benefit day to day life.

The Weird, The Wild, And The Potentially Useless

Alfred Bayle

CES is not just about the latest tablets, smartphones, and computers. It’s also about groundbreaking, innovative, and downright weird technologies that could either revolutionize the whole industry or add another piece of trash to the rapidly-growing IT garbage pile. Either way, you have to give credit for creativity.

Focus-free: Digital Photography’s Next Frontier?

Jason Marges

Last October, a focus-free camera was announced for pre-order. About a week earlier, Adobe announced an upcoming tool that promises to un-blur out-of-focus shots. What's going on here? We throw out a few thoughts to ponder about what the future holds for digital photography.

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