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Handheld Overlords

Alfred Bayle

Smart devices are more or less electronic Swiss knives in our bags and pockets in their capacity to provide us with many of our modern electronic conveniences. But more than that, smartphones and tablets can even take control of other electronic gadgets!

The Death Of The Desktop: OS Wars Take On A New Look

Rico Cruz

The epic battle between computing rivals Apple and Microsoft continues, but recently both combatants have made changes here and there that hint at much a larger change in their overall computing philosophy, which includes killing off the desktop.

Of Facebook Hoaxes And Their Implications

Lionell Go Macahilig

While social networking sites like Facebook have been a rich and convenient source of relevant information, they have been rife with hoaxes as well. This post identifies three of them and their possible implications.

Alternate Reality Or Augmented Reality?

Alfred Bayle

There's no escaping the tide of information that continues to knock at our doorsteps so we look to our handheld smart devices to help get us around and keep us entertained through the resurgent interest in the development of augmented reality and how it can benefit day to day life.

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