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Mind-blowing Downloads, Maps, Windows 8, Mirrorless Cameras, and More

Lionell Go Macahilig

The month of July brought us a downpour of tech news that saturated our online pages. In this blog entry, we take a look at some of the items that captured our attention.

The Death Of The Desktop: OS Wars Take On A New Look

Rico Cruz

The epic battle between computing rivals Apple and Microsoft continues, but recently both combatants have made changes here and there that hint at much a larger change in their overall computing philosophy, which includes killing off the desktop.

The Race To Be Everywhere: New Breed Of OS

Rico Cruz

For the past couple of years, technology companies have been hard at work building "ecosystems." Big names like Apple and Google have come out with cloud-based solutions for their customers to easily sync the data on their different devices. The next step it appears, is to create a unified OS for all those devices.

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