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Event: Revolutionizing Printing – Epson K and L Series Unveiled

The Epson L Series

Epson L Series

Designed to address the concern of home users, students, small businesses, and other vertical markets, the Epson L series printers are ideal color printing solution that offer practical benefits. Dubbed as the world’s first genuine ink tank printer lineup, the L series includes models such as the L100 (4-color inkjet), the L200 (4-color all-in-one), and the L800 (6-color inkjet). These printers deliver low cost per page, while being high in terms of productivity.

The L series is Epson’s proactive and productive response against CISS. In the past two years, there has been a significant surge in consumer demand for CISS and it is steadily increasing. Although CISS has been known for its low initial cost, high print volume, and convenience (as they do not require frequent ink replacement), problems still arise in the long run. These issues include the complexity of the setup, poor printout quality, and print head clogging due to ink impurities. Moreover, CISS installation voids the warranty of the printer involved and CISS vendors support only the setup that they have installed.

Epson also introduces to these printers FIT (Fast Ink Top-up) technology, which essentially focuses on the printers’ ink tank assembly. The L series printers’ ink tank has special ink tubes and a choke valve that prevents ink leakage during transport. The last but not the least, Epson sells its ink bottle for the price of PhP 265. CISS vendors offer their ink bottles at the price of PhP 250 each, however, the ink may have been exposed to impurities that cause print head clogging.

While other printer manufacturers took the route of working with the government as a measure to curb down the use of non-original inks and cartridges, Epson’s means is through educating consumers about the disadvantages of fake consumables usage and introducing cost-effective printing solutions. With the introduction of the K series and the L series printers in the Philippines, Epson is looking forward to seeing a change in the landscape of printing in the country.

For more information on the features and specifications of Epson printers, visit www.epson.com.ph.

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