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Microsoft 365 expansion addresses digital transformation in today's PH work culture
By Nestor Domingo Jr - 11 Oct 2017,3:31am

Microsoft 365 expansion addresses digital transformation in today's PH work culture

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Microsoft has announced the expansion of Microsoft 365 as a response to today’s growing culture of work in the Philippines.

The brand's research firm Microsoft Study has reported that one in two Filipino workers expects his or her organization to invest in cultural development, and 47% of these workers expect leaders to close the digital skills gap, which could potentially enable them to succeed in digital transformation.

Microsoft cited the following factors influencing the culture of work in the Philippines at present: increasingly mobile workforce and exposure to new security risks, the rise of diverse teams, and gaps in employees’ digital skills even as leaders are in the motion of embracing digital transformation. These are due to the rise of mobility and proliferation of mobile and cloud technologies that have put individuals working across multiple location and devices.

In addition, more workers – especially in the business processing and outsourcing (BPO) industry – are working with different and even virtual teams from various locations, making the availability of real-time insights and collaboration tools crucial to get the job done.  And with the bar set high, nearly half of the respondents feel that more can be done for everyone to adopt.

“The rise of digital technologies, along with a new generation of millennials entering the workforce, has brought the need to address changing workers’ expectations, knowledge, and skills, as well as the tools they use. And with more than half of the world’s millennials residing in Asia, the workplace will need to transform to adapt to the technology habits of these digital natives,” said Cian O’Neill, Microsoft Philippines COO and CMO. “In addition, due to deployment of advanced and emerging technologies, organizations need to relook at reskilling its workforce to develop creative and strategic for the future.”

These lead the route to address a new culture of work toward digital transformation success. Hence, this led to Microsoft’s announcement of the expansion of Microsoft 365 which comprises of new search capabilities, a vision for intelligence communications with centers point on Microsoft Teams, and security and IT management enhancements to help customers stay secure and compliant.

The product line includes Microsoft 365 F1 which aims to provide purpose-built capabilities that can help foster firstline culture and community, train and upskill employees, digitize business, deliver real-time expertise, and minimize risk and cost. Other than that, Skype for Business, Advanced Threat Protection (ATP), and AI and machine-powered intelligent search experiences are also part of Microsoft 365.

Microsoft 365 aims to unlock the potential of employees by putting an answer to the growing concern of putting up the core values of the new culture of work, such as unlocking employees’ creativity, fueling teamwork, strengthening security, and bringing simplicity.

“We believe that every worker – from the factory floor to the front desk, to the executive boardroom – can contribute to an organization’s collective endeavors. It is our view that involving firstline workers in digital transformation will drive unprecedented opportunity – for workers, the organization that they work for, and the industries and society at large,” added O’Neill. “At Microsoft, we see the opportunities that can unlock with technology by equipping firstline workers, such as Microsoft 365. Ultimately, digital transformation projects can only succeed if the right tools are in place for workers to leverage and maximize upon.”

For more information, visit Microsoft 365’s page in the Microsoft’s official website.