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Next Gen Now - LG Cinema 3D Smart TV 2012 Lineup Unraveled
By Lionell Go Macahilig - 4 May 2012,7:33pm

Next Gen Now - LG Cinema 3D Smart TV 2012 Lineup Unraveled

A Smart TV Spectacle

LG officially joins the local Smart TV competition with the grand unveiling of its 2012 line of Cinema 3D Smart TV which was held at the Shangri-La hotel in Makati City. Earlier this year, competitors like Samsung and Sony have already introduced their own incarnations of Smart TVs at the NBC Tent and Shangri-La’s Mactan Resort and Spa, respectively.

These gorgeous ladies assisted the guests in understanding the features of LG's latest line of Cinema 3D Smart TVs.

The event was graced with the presence of LG Philippines’ executives and representatives led by Mr. Sung Woo Nam, the company’s new Managing Director. The renowned furniture designer Mr. Kenneth Cobonpue and Yahoo!’s Country Ambassador Ms. Arlene Amarante were also present during the affair. Mr. Cobonpue discussed the relevance of functionality into any creative design, a philosophy which LG has incorporated into its latest series of Cinema 3D Smart TVs. Meanwhile, Ms. Amarante talked about the significance of applicable and relevant content to Filipino consumers.

Mr. Sung Woo Nam, the new Managing Director of LG Philippines.

Mr. Kenneth Cobonpue, a world-renowned Filipino furniture designer.

Ms. Arlene Amarante, Yahoo!’s Country Ambassador for the Philippines.

Continuing to maintain the borderless design of its HDTVs, the Cinema 3D Smart TVs for 2012 are virtually bezel-less. The new HDTVs still leverage on LG’s Film-Pattern Retarder (FPR) technology which eliminates eye strain when one’s watching 3D content for long hours. Like the previous generation of Cinema 3D Smart TVs, the new models come with light and battery-less 3D eyeglasses that come in various colors and designs at more affordable price points. LG also offers clip-on 3D eyeglasses for consumers who use corrective eyeglasses.

LG's current models of Cinema 3D Smart TV integrate apps that provide users with an access to various online content that are produced, not only overseas, but also locally.

By means of harnessing the DLNA standard, consumers can use their DLNA-capable devices such as these LG smartphones to connect them to an LG Cinema 3D Smart TV and share content wirelessly.

Content-wise, LG’s Cinema 3D Smart TVs provide online content that are relevant to Filipino consumers, apart from those that are produced overseas. The new HDTVs have applications that serve as an avenue to content coming from ABS-CBN’s iWanTV, ABS-CBNNews.com, Yahoo PH, Inquirer.net, and PhilStar.com. Recognizing the fact that many Filipinos are into K-pop and social networking, the new Cinema 3D Smart TVs also integrate apps like K-POP Zone and Social Center. Via the latter application, users can have access to their Facebook, Twitter, and Skype accounts while watching TV. Users can maximize the 3D capability of the new Cinema 3D Smart TVs by accessing 3D content online through the 3D World application or by using the 2D-to-3D conversion feature.

Demonstrated in this photo is the 2D-to-3D feature of LG's Cinema 3D Smart TV. With the help of this feature, users can watch in 3D a video content that is natively rendered in 2D.

Going beyond the capabilities of the traditional remote control, LG's Magic Remote for Cinema 3D Smart TV enables users to navigate through menus and applications by just doing simple gestures.

With the use of this web camera, users can do video conferencing with an LG Cinema 3D Smart TV and its built-in Skype application. This web camera is attached to a USB port on the back of the television.

LG’s Cinema 3D Smart TVs for 2012 are not only rich in content but are also enhanced in terms of usability. With the new Magic Remote control, users can easily navigate through the new HDTVs’ menu and applications. Equipped with a motion sensor, the Magic Remote can open applications and execute actions by means of simple gestures.

The LM9600 is the top-of-the-line model of LG's Cinema 3D Smart TV line for 2012. Sporting a 55-inch display, the LM9600 sells in the Philippines for the price of PhP 299,990.

The LG PenTouch PM6900 is a plasma TV that comes with MagicPen which enables users to write and draw on the screen for work- and education-related purposes. The 60-inch version of the PM6900 carries a price tag of PhP 169,990.

The models of LG’s 2012 Cinema 3D Smart TV lineup include the LM9600, LM7600, LM6700, and the LM6200 which are available in 32-, 42-, 47-, 55-, and 65-inch display sizes. The top-end 55-inch LM6900 is priced at PhP 299,990. Besides the models that were mentioned, LG’s PenTouch PM6900 also made an appearance during the event. This plasma 3D TV comes bundled with the PenTouch stylus which allows users to draw and write on certain applications through the TV screen. This capability makes the PM6900 useful in office presentations and educational activities as well. In the Philippines, the 60-inch variant of the PM6900 is priced at PhP 169,990, whereas the smaller 50-inch version sells for PhP 79,990.