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Philam Life’s 10 guaranteed ways to lead a healthier lifestyle
By Ciara Alarcon - 10 Feb 2017,2:28pm

Philam Life’s 10 guaranteed ways to lead a healthier lifestyle

It’s only February but many of us are already giving up on their resolutions. Many of us swore to commit to a healthier lifestyle, however, we understand that sticking to a resolution is easier said than done. But, as long as we have a plan to fall back on, doing these shouldn’t be as difficult as it seems.

To help us out, here are the Philam Life’s 10 assured ways for a healthier and happier lifestyle:

Image source: Everyday Health

Eat more fruits and vegetables

Eat the rainbow, well, figuratively. The health benefits of eating a diet with generous servings of fruits and vegetables are endless. Not only are they dense sources of a variety of essential minerals and nutrients, they are generally high in fiber which will keep your digestive system happy and smooth-running. Also, fruits and vegetables have unique antioxidant properties depending on their color.

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Go for regular check-ups

Because we all need a little help sometimes, then, don’t leave your body to take care of itself. Go to your doctor to ensure that everything is in condition, and to provide solutions when needed.

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Stay stress-free

Stress controls us a lot. It can affect your sleep, your tendency to engage in unhealthy behaviors, and your productivity. Ensure, as possible, that your lifestyle is stress-free by organizing your financial and work life. You can do it by creating a long-term financial plan to alleviate financial pressures, and increase your financial security.

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Avoid foods high in saturated fat and simple sugars

Complex carbohydrates give you slow-release energy which will keep you energized throughout the day, and unsaturated fats will promote healthy cholesterol level, keeping you trim and combating fatigue.

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Find an exercise program you enjoy

It’s a general truth that exercise will give you more energy to keep your head clear, and to keep you in shape. Find what you enjoy and stick to it.