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In Pictures - Samsung Galaxy Note 3
By Lionell Go Macahilig - 6 Sep 2013,1:39am

In Pictures - Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Intimate Moments With the Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Samsung finally took the wraps off the Galaxy Note 3 at the Unpacked 2013 Episode 2 event that was held in Berlin, Germany. Just a few hours after the event concluded, the folks at Samsung Philippines received some actual units of the new phablet and gave select bloggers and members of media a chance to play around with it. We’ve already mentioned a lot of things about the Galaxy Note 3 in our event coverage article, but as if it was not enough, allow us to share you with more intimate photos of it with some commentaries.

The Galaxy Note 3 includes metallic elements to its design to exude a premium feel. The most conspicuous in this respect is the metallic border that surrounds the device’s 5.7-inch Super AMOLED touchscreen.

Below the touchscreen, the Galaxy Note 3 has a mechanical button flanked by two capacitive controls for Menu and Back functions.

The user interface of Galaxy Note 3’s camera offers several modes.

Powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 chip, the Galaxy Note 3 is capable of recording 4K videos (3840 x 2160). When 4K video recording is activated, note that other camera features are disabled. Click the image to watch an example of 4K video captured with the Galaxy Note 3.

In terms of capturing still images, the maximum photo size that the Galaxy Note 3’s 13-megapixel camera can output is 4128 x 3096.

A photo captured with the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Click the image to enlarge.

Apart from Samsung-exclusive applications, the Galaxy Note 3 also comes with third-party applications for optimized usage.

Here is a screenshot of Galaxy Note 3’s air command interface.

If you wrote a phone number using the S Pen stylus, draw a line around it, and you instantly utilize it for phone use, email, and Internet surfing.

The multi window tray allows you to quickly access certain applications without the need of going through layers of menus.

Group Play is featured on the Galaxy Note 3. With this feature, users can wirelessly pair up to five Galaxy Note 3 units, share content among them, and even form a single "widescreen display." Click the image to watch Group Play on the Galaxy Note 3 in action.

Bundled with the Galaxy Note 3 is the new S Pen that has a textured metallic holder for premium look and good grip. Adjacent to the S Pen slot is a USB connector. Unlike most of today’s micro-USB connector, this one looks like based on the USB 3.0 standard.

Although the removable back cover appears to be made of leather with a border of fine stitches, it is actually plastic. The choice of material may not be appealing to everyone, but the use of plastic makes the Galaxy Note 3 light.

The slots for micro-SIM and microSD are both located in one spot.

We put to the test the Galaxy Note 3 by running AnTuTu benchmark on it. The result that we got is lower than that of a prototype Snapdragon 800 device that we tested during the Qualcomm workshop last July. Click the image to go visit our event coverage on the Snapdragon 800 seminar.