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Preview: MoveTab MA900 and MoveTab MA1000 Android Tablets

Preview: MoveTab MA900 and MoveTab MA1000 Android Tablets

Preview: MoveTab MA900 and MoveTab MA1000

New Kids On The Block

Who would have thought that in a few years time, Android devices would become ubiquitous? Without a doubt, Android devices are rife in today’s market, covering all categories of consumers, from budget-minded entry-level users to well-off enthusiast types. Brands that we barely heard of before, if not totally non-existent, are now coming up with a bevy of Android devices to offer. Apart from O+ which we featured earlier, here’s another label that has two tablets under its belt: MoveTab.

Scouring the Internet to find more details about this brand yielded us nothing (except for one entry in sulit.com.ph) which implies that MoveTab is really a young label. The two tablet models that we recently received came from Gadgets in Style, a carrier of various brands of consumer electronics in the Philippines. The tablets in question are the MoveTab MA900 and the MoveTab MA1000.

Each device’s name hints at their display sizes. The MA900 comes with a 9.7-inch display with 1024 x 768 resolution, whereas the MA1000 has a 10-inch screen with 1024 x 600 resolution. Taking into account their display sizes, the MA900’s form factor is reminiscent of the Apple iPad, while the MA1000 looks like an elongated tablet.

Although both tablets run on Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich), they differ in terms of hardware composition. The MA900 has a faster processor, a VIA 8850 Cortex A9, clocked at 1.2GHz that goes along with 1GB DDR3. The MA1000 a bit slower as it uses a Boxchip A10 Cortex A8 with 1GHz clock, coupled with 512MB DDR3. Storage-wise, the MA900 comes with 8GB NAND flash, whereas the MA1000 is available in 4GB/8GB/16GB capacities. As usual, storage can be expanded up to 32GB with the help of a microSD card.

In the imaging department, there is nothing to shout about: the MA900 has a 2MP main camera and 0.3MP front-facing camera; the MA1000 has 0.3MP camera. Nevertheless, what impresses us is the set of connectivity options that these tablets have. The MA900 has two micro-USB ports, 3.5mm audio port, and a mini-HDMI. On the other hand, the MA1000 has a standard USB 2.0 port, mini-USB, 3.5mm audio connector, and a mini-HDMI.

Besides the standard support for Wi-Fi connection, another way to wirelessly connect these devices to the Internet is through a 3G dongle. MoveTab even specified dongle models that are compatible with the tablets. Check out if your Huawei or ZTE dongle is compatible:

Huawei - E230, E176G, E160E, E182G, E1782, E1750, E176, UMG 1691
ZTE - MF633BP-1, MF633, MF637U,

Huawei - E150, EC1261, EC122, EC156, EC1270
ZTE - AC580, AC2736, AC2746

If productivity is the main reason you need a tablet, the MA900 is bundled with a leather carrier that comes with a USB portable keyboard. Just connect the keyboard to the MA900 via its micro-USB terminal, set up the carrier case, and voila - an Android-based notebook in an instant. The MA1000 doesn’t come with such an accessory as it appears that it is more inclined toward entertainment purposes. Nevertheless, both tablets are capable of playing back a variety of video formats.

On paper, both tablets promise to deliver a maximum of 5 hours battery life, though they differ in terms of battery capacity: the MA900 has 5000mAh and the MA1000 has 4000mAh.

According to the folks at Gadgets in Style, the MA900 costs PhP 7,999 and the MA1000 retails for the price of PhP 5,999. Stay tuned as we might put up a review of any of these tablets in the coming days.