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Sharp Philippines’ 30th Anniversary - A Showcase of Innovation
By Lionell Go Macahilig - 17 Sep 2012,5:11pm

Sharp Philippines’ 30th Anniversary - A Showcase of Innovation

Continuing the Tradition of Excellence

Sharp Philippines President Takahiro Tanaka presents the flagship 80-inch AQUOS LED TV together with other Sharp officials.

Sharp Philippines, led by its President Takahiro Tanaka and other key corporate officials celebrated its 30th anniversary at the Fiesta Ballroom of the Manila Hotel last week. While the local arm was established in 1982, Sharp itself has been operating in its native Japan since 1912, thus, marking its 100th year in the industry.

The 80-inch AQUOS LC-80LE940X 3D HDTV integrates premium features such as Sharp’s Quattron 4-color and UV2A technology, and AquoMotion Pro native 200/240Hz panel with backlight control. SRP: PhP 599,998

Sharp's LED TV lineup also includes a 70-inch (SRP: PhP 377,798) ...

... and a 60-inch model (PhP 246,698).

The highlight of the event was the unveiling of the company’s enormous 80-inch AQUOS LC-80LE940X 3D HDTV. The flagship maintains premium features such as Sharp’s Quattron 4-color and UV2A technology, and AquoMotion Pro native 200/240Hz panel with backlight control. Smaller variants of Sharp’s flagship HDTV lineup include a 60- and a 70-inch model. Catching up with the Smart TV trend, select Sharp HDTVs can be hooked up to the Internet. Models such as the LC-46LE840X (PhP 143,398) and the LC-52LE840X (PhP 180,098) allow direct access to Facebook and can be equipped with a web camera for video chat.

The SAMM (Sharp Active Multimedia) combines the capabilities of a karaoke machine, television, music player, and a photo viewer into one versatile appliance. (SRP: PhP 29,998)

Sharp BD-HP90A 3D Blu-ray player (SRP: PhP 29,498)

Sharp GX-M10H Boom Box

An additional product in Sharp’s entertainment department is the SAMM (Sharp Active Multimedia) HK-LE3212UVP. This appliance assimilates the popular karaoke machine, incorporating a 32-inch LED monitor, two microphone inputs, auxiliary AV input, and a built-in score system. Equipped with TV tuner, users can watch their favorite shows on the SAMM. It also has a USB port in which users can hook up an external storage device to view photos and play music or videos. Other entertainment-centric appliances that made an appearance during the event include the GX-M10H boom box and the BD-HP90A 3D Blu-ray player.

According to Sharp, they intentionally use resin or plastic on the casing of their washing machines to prevent corrosion, which is unavoidable in a country that is humid and surrounded with sea water like the Philippines. (SRP: PhP 14,998)

Sharp ES-6030T Twin Tub Washing Machine

By understanding the needs and environment of its consumers, Sharp has created appliances that are durable and can withstand harsh environmental elements. Taking into account the humid climate in the Philippines, Sharp has adopted resin or plastic in constructing the casings of its refrigerators and washing machines. Without fully relying on metal, corrosion is prevented. Specific products under the washing machine category include the ES-Q70EP and the ES-6030T. The latter is a 6kg twin tub model.

Sharp claims that their Healsio ovens use a technology that help in reducing fat and salt content in food. (SRP: PhP 44,998)

Sharp Plasmacluster Lineup

Sharp SJ-FS79V French Door Refrigerator

Sharp has been known for its products that are designed with health in mind. One current example of its offerings with such philosophy is the Healsio AX-1300F, a water oven which can reduce the fat or salt content of the food that it is cooking or re-heating. Sharp also offers the Plasmacluster range of appliances which are designed to clean air and reduce airborne contaminant. Leveraging on the Plasmacluster technology, food stored inside Sharp refrigerators, such as the French door-type SJ-FS79V, are kept fresh and have longer shelf life.

President Tanaka ceremonially grants Sharp Philippines' donation to the Philippine General Hospital (PGH).

Fulfilling its corporate social responsibility, Sharp Philippines has donated PhP 503,140 to the Philippine General Hospital as part of the company’s My SHARP Our Future Campaign.