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Top 100 Products of 2011
By Team HardwareZone - 30 Dec 2011,11:56pm

Picks 31-40


EVGA GeForce GTX 580 Classified Ultra Hydro Copper 3GB

If you're looking for the fastest single GPU graphics card money can buy, EVGA has designed the GTX 580 Classified from the ground up in order to have a product 100% focused on the overclocking capabilities. Never mind that it comes overclocked with a mind boggling 900MHz core clock and a huge 3GB frame buffer, it's also outfitted with a water cooling block to ensure you get even higher overclocking margins. Only hardcore tweakers need apply.


Fujifilm X10

Fujifilm continued to push the boundaries with the Fujifilm X10 digital compact camera. Simply put - there's no compact camera in the world like it. Beautiful, with great manual handling and excellent image quality, the X10 stands in a class of its own.


Fujifilm FinePix X100

Without a doubt, Fujifilm stole the thunder this year with the X100. Who knew retro could look so good? Throw in a fast f/2.0 lens with a classic 35mm focal length, an APS-C sensor and you have one of the best cameras of 2011.


Fujitsu Arrows Tab F-01D

The most glaring disadvantage of an electronic device is its inability to come into contact with water. That is, until we saw the Fujitsu Arrows Tab F-01D. Specs-wise, it's really nothing to shout about, but it's water-proof ability is something other tablets in the market don't boast yet, which means you can actually use this tablet at the beach or in pool with the utmost confidence.


Gigabyte G1.Sniper 2 (Intel Z68) Motherboard

Gigabyte's G1.Killer series targets hardcore users by including additional on-board hardware such as a dedicated sound chip by Creative and a network controller from Bigfoot Networks. Those extras are backed by a fierce matte-black military theme (note the magazine-style heatsink) that is sure to attract gamers. Those niceties make the G1.Sniper2 one of the most expensive and attractive Intel Z68 chipset based motherboards available.


Gigabyte GeForce GTX 560 Ti Super Overclock

The Gigabyte GeForce GTX 560 Ti Super Overclock is a superlative laden card, thanks to its quality engineering build which allows Gigabyte to get the card running at an amazing 1000MHz at its GPU core, 2000MHz at the shaders and 4580MHz DDR at its memory. It boasts of Gigabyte’s Ultra Durable VGA+ suite of high quality components that includes the 2-oz copper PCB, Japanese-made solid capacitors, and NEC proadlizers for better current capacity. On top of the impressive build components, the card also sports Gigabyte’s highly effective Windforce 2x custom cooler, which has dual fans that are specially angled that Gigabyte claims to reduce air turbulence thus allowing greater and smoother airflow.


Google Android 4.0 OS (Ice Cream Sandwich)

With Google coming to terms that Android 3.0 Honeycomb was a rushed job in an attempt to aid its hardware partners in the tablet wars, its next iteration avoids that particular pitfall that separates the smartphone and tablet form factors. Dubbed as Ice Cream Sandwich, Google Android 4.0 sports a user interface similar to its Honeycomb predecessor, and unifies the experience between Android smartphones and tablets. Various features are also introduced to enhance its usability, which includes a data usage setting, resizeable widgets and a much easier way to close apps or dismiss notifications by swiping it to the side.


Hitachi 4TB Deskstar HDD

The Hitachi Deskstar 5K4000 HDD provides about 33% more storage capacity than the current offerings of 3TB desktop HDDs. This disk also features Hitachi's Advanced Format feature that increases the sector size from 512 bytes to 4096 bytes (4KB), which in turn boosts capacity and offers improvements to error correcting capabilities. This HDD is available as a retail kit that comprises mounting screws, instructions and the Hitachi GPD Disk Manager, an easy-to-use software application designed to overcome the 2.2TB limitation of 32-bit Windows operating systems. The drive is also featured in Hitachi's Touro Desk 4TB external HDD as a convenient and portable storage solution.


HTC Chacha

While a Facebook smartphone didn’t materialize in 2011, HTC came quite close to that with the HTC Chacha. Focusing on making Facebook updates easy with just one click of the Facebook button, the HTC Chacha comes off as a smartphone that’s suitable for the average consumer living their lives on the social network. Its physical QWERTY keyboard, which lets you type status updates with ease, serves to make this Facebook-centric smartphone a hit amongst social network users.

HTC Sensation XE

Here's what you'll get from the Android 2.3 equipped HTC Sensation XE smartphone - a dual-core 1.5GHz processor and the newly integrated Beats Audio by Dr. Dre. The same things that made the original HTC Sensation great are retained on the XE, including a massive 4.3-inch S-LCD display with a screen resolution of 540 x 960 pixels and 768MB of RAM to handle its intuitive HTC Sense 3.0 user interface.