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NComputing Simplifies Desktop Virtualization Via U170
Corporate/Events | Just Announced
Wed 09 Jun 2010

Manila, Philippines -- NComputing recently held a small media briefing at Manila Peninsula hotel to formally inform the IT media of their product and also introduce the latest model in their line-up, the U170. NComputing is a company that specializes in providing desktop virtualization in such a way that a single computer unit can be shared by multiple users that require only basic computing such as text processing and internet access. This is accomplished by utilizing a small piece of hardware no larger than a modem that connects from a mother computer via direct PCI connection, LAN, or as in the new U170, through a USB2.0 interface. The user can then attach a monitor, keyboard, and mouse to this NComputing hardware and proceed to utilize the terminal as one would use a regular computer. As such, the total computing capacity of the mother computer is more maximized by sharing it with multiple users. This method also helps to dramatically cut down on the overall cost of providing separate computers to each individual which would then only utilize about 5-10% of the computer's total capacity.

The company has been distributing around 20,000 NComputing hardware through out the Philippines and 2.4 million worldwide.

(Text by Alfred Bayle)