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TCL Launches Cutting-edge LED And LCD TVs
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Tue 06 Jul 2010


Manila, Philippines
-- You don’t need to go to the digital 3D cinema just to enjoy giant screens offering crystal quality pictures, crisp surround audio system, plus motion effect simulator seats that can only create larger than life movie viewing experiences.

TCL Sun Inc., the local distributor of TCL consumer electronics gadgets, is launching four new products in the market to further reinforce the brand as an innovator when it comes to LED and LCD TVs. These are the TCL 3D LCD TV, LED TV, the Internet TV and the Blu-Ray TV.

The TCL LED TV offers high tech advantages such as stunning picture quality, eco friendly features, and ultra slim style. Against the traditional CCFL backlight used in previous models, TCL LED TVs offer a specially advanced lateral white LED backlighting technology that upgrades the standard of excellent picture quality and once again shows TCL’s leading position in creating cutting-edge innovations in the flat panel TV field.


TCL has made it possible to bring Flat LED into reality at a most affordable price. Such technology features broadcast color domain coverage of 28.6 billion full color and the most evenly-distributed brightness as well as most efficient energy saving and longer service life. The LED True color coverage is realized with the combined support of the lateral LED backlight source and 12bit color processing and drive technology. And with the thin LED panel, the application of LED backlight technology greatly save space for the components.

It’s almost as thin as a photo frame, which rightfully depicts how images come out as artworks on the screen.

Other new model, The 3D-capable TCL TV will be presented as one of the exciting new products in the pipeline that solidifies the company’s status as an Asian powerhouse when it comes to TV technology. With the advent of 3D cinemas offering larger than life viewing pleasure, this technology is now possible to enjoy in right at home. Availability of this product will be announced soon.

TCL Internet TV

The Internet TV, on the other hand, is set to become trail-blazing innovation with the TCL brand. Through Broadband and cable applications, Internet TV is creating a new wave of TV viewing, offering the advantage of by-demand shows from all over the world in real-time. TCL is banking on this technology with its latest Internet TV-capable series that delivers perfect image quality everytime.

The Blu-Ray TV Series, meanwhile, allows viewers to enjoy HD Blu-Ray movies without an actual Blu-Ray machine. Via simple plug and play of a flash drive or USB gadget, viewers can enjoy HD films in various formats (MP3, JPEG, H.264, MOV, TS, AVI, VOB, and MPEG) on TCL TVs’ extraordinary screen.

All the new TCL LED and LCD TVs offer the NaturaLIGHT Engine 2 Technology - an upgraded version of the “NaturaLIGHT Technology” which delivers better eye protection and picture quality enhancement and offers more energy-saving and economical features that is ideal for home entertainment. Naturalight Engine 2 implants “full intellectual healthy environment lock in technology” which further improves the accuracy of backlight adjustment and greatly reduces the stimulation and harm to the user’s eyes by LCD backlight.

TCL Blu-Ray TV

This means that unlike conventional TV monitors that give off a certain glare that hurts the eyes, the light from a TCL screen is polarized or evenly distributed for optimum eye protection.

At the same time, TCL’s NaturaLIGHT Engine 2 has made daily viewing experience an immersive affair through picture-perfect image quality and 100% full-stereo surround sound capability that looks, sounds, and feels real.

With one push of a button, viewers can turn on the NaturaLIGHT Engine 2 to enjoy quality viewing plus efficiently save the energy and reduce energy consumption of the tv in standby state below 1w. plus provide the user more lifelike and vibrant visual experience. The NaturaLIGHT Engine 2 feature will be available on all new TCL models.

With a home entertainment system highlighted by a TCL LED or LCD TV, homeowners can now enjoy the most immersive viewing experience while saving on their energy consumption.

The latest TCL LED/LCD models are now available in home appliance centers and distribution shops in leading malls nationwide. For more information, please call 567-3904 / 567-3803; visit or e-mail For our coverage of the Philippine launch of TCL's latest TV innovations, visit