7 Days with Windows Phone 7

Day 6 - Rock and Roll with Zune

Day 6 - Rock and Roll with Zune

We'll admit - Zune isn't unfamiliar to us, but it wasn't something we were really paying attention to. To be precise, we are talking about the Zune software. Think of it like Apple's iTunes, only this is Microsoft Zune.

Entertainment is pretty dependent on Zune, mainly because you'll be using it as the conduit between your Windows Phone 7 device and your PC. Seeing as how microSD expandability is heavily limited (either not available or formatted and locked to the device), you'll have to sync everything via Zune instead of the usual drag and drop on your Windows Explorer.

You'll spend most of your time with Zune, synchronizing your music, video and pictures into Windows Phone 7.

Honestly, we like the Zune interface, thanks to the similar user experience from the software and Windows Phone 7. While you can simply sync your whole music collection into your Windows Phone 7, do take note of the storage limit on your device. As such, we did the most prudent and practical thing - creating playlists and dragging it into the device.

Managing your media files is an important aspect to keep your experience across the PC and Windows Phone 7 tightly integrated.

On Windows Phone 7, the interface is definitely simple, split right down to Music, Videos, Podcasts and Radio. Newly added songs will also get their own category, and if you're not done with an album or video, there's a History tab to continue.

Categories make it easy to locate your multimedia files on Windows Phone 7.

Accessing music and videos on the Music & Video hub is an easy affair. Perhaps, the only grouse we had is that you can't skip to specific parts of the video, relying instead on the forward and back button to scroll through the video till you reach the desired point.

You can pin your favorite songs onto the home page.

And yes, you can tab/pin your favorite songs, videos or even radio station to the home page. Don't get too excited and overload the home page with too many songs though. It can get kind of tiring to scroll through a long and exhaustive list of hubs on the home page. If Microsoft is smart, they should update the OS to include multi-page home page functionality to improve self-organization.