Hisense reveals new TV lineup, 4K HDR projector at CES 2017

Hisense reveals new TV lineup, 4K HDR projector at CES 2017

Hisense outlined its newest range of televisions during its CES 2017 press conference.

“At Hisense, we continually strive to push the boundaries of TV technology and design,” Jerry Liu, Hisense Americas CEO, said. “After a year of standout growth, 2017 is shaping up to be an exciting year for us, and we look forward to bringing even more consumer together in the living room.”

H10D series

The H10D series uses quantum dot display technology, and supports both HDR and wide color gamut. As the flagship of Hisense’s 2017 lineup, the series is Ultra HD Premium certified, with full array local dimming.

To preserve smoothness of motion during fast-moving action scenes like sports, the H10D series features Motion 480 that also introduces a “soap opera effect.” It sports an integrated UHD upscaler, and supports smart TV functionality that includes a built-in web browser.

Priced at US $6,000, the H10D series is available in 75-inch model, while its 70-inch model is priced at US $3,000.

H9D series

Unlike the H10D series, the H9D series is divided into two subseries – the H9D Plus series and the standard H9D series. The H9D Plus series features Motion 240, while the standard H9D series only has Motion 120.

Other than this feature, all features are the same with support for HDR and wide color gamut. It also has the same upscaler used on the H10D series. However, a direct-lit local dimming is used for the 75-inch H9D Plus model, while all other models in both series sport edge lit local dimming.

H9D Plus series:

  • 75-inch model – US $2,500
  • 65-inch model – US $2,000
  • 55-inch model – US $1,000

Standard H9D series:

  • 65-inch model – US $1,300
  • 55-inch model – US $900
  • 50-inch model – US $700

H8D series

The H8D series supports HDR but does not support wide color gamut. Meanwhile, the entire series features direct-lit local dimming, Motion 120, UHD upscaler, and smart TV functionality. But, it doesn’t have a Bluetooth audio output.

  • 86-inch model – US $6,000
  • 65-inch model – US $1,000
  • 55-inch model – US $650
  • 50-inch model – US $550

H7D series

Being the most affordable among the lineup it lacks the HDR compatibility. But, it still includes the Motion 120, UHD upscaler, smart TV functionality, and 4K media player.

  • 65-inch – US $900
  • 55-inch – US $500
  • 43-inch – US $400

Hisense also revealed its 4K HDR projector:

100HD Series

The 100HD series is an ultra-short throw projector referred to as 4K Laser Cast TV.

It can show a picture which measures up to 100 inches diagonally from a very short distance. In 4K resolution complete with high dynamic range HDR, it displays 82 percent of the NTSC colors.

It is priced at US $13,000.

For most of the products, Hisense aims for an early 2017 release date.

Source: Digital Trends