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Cherry Mobile W900 - Curvaceous Droid
By Marvin R. Velasco - 24 Aug 2012
Launch SRP: PhP9999

Introduction and Physique

The Fruit of Labor

What began as a humble mobile phone manufacturer, set on producing entry-level dual-SIM feature phones, has now blossomed into the Cherry Mobile we know and love today. It’s amazing how far a company can go after just three years in the industry – 2009 being the starting point of this phone specialist. Several generations of hits and misses have led to a portfolio that consists of over 60 handsets, ranging from the barest of feature phones to full-fledged touchscreen Androids. The latter is our focus for this review, and it should be no mystery, as the W900 lets all its rivals know that you can never count out the potential originating from the archipelago of 7,107 islands.

If we had to pick one strong point of the Cherry Mobile W900, it would be the physique. Smooth curves and comfortable dimensions make it a joy to hold.

The word "curvaceous" rightfully describes the W900's body, but we aren't too keen on Cherry Mobile actually engraving it on the tip.

After working outside of the spotlight for so long, you can’t really blame people for being so surprised by the unexpected yet impressive physique of the W900. Cherry Mobile phones have always had an eye-catching quirkiness to their design, catering mostly to the youth who are out looking for an attractive entry-level, but never has a product from this manufacturer looked so serious. Serious in a good way, however, since the “curvaceous” body – and yes, it has this adjective engraved on its tip – appeals to a wider audience, similar to those who love the signature chin of an HTC or the rounded back of a Samsung. To put it simply, the Cherry Mobile W900 looks and feels great with its two-tone lining and simplified surface, staying true to the company’s roots.

No shocks here. We have a Menu, Home, and Back button like any other Android in the market. It's generic, yet cozy.

The W900 attracts smudges like ants on honey. It's best to bring a cleaning cloth along if this bothers you.

The W900 makes use of three touch-sensitive buttons at the bottom, which is typical for most Android handsets. These consist of Menu, Home, and Back buttons to spearhead the navigation through Android 2.3 Gingerbread. The response was quite loose at times, in which we weren’t sure if there was a miss-press or lag in the system. Relying on the touch vibration helps, but it’s evident that some lag truly does exist when trying to navigate too quickly. An Eco mode switch can be located underneath the power/standby button. While we appreciate Cherry Mobile’s assistance in helping us save battery life through this feature, we can’t help but wonder why it was placed here of all places. Accidental presses on the power button are imminent and may cause more battery use than battery saving.

An awkward placement of the Eco switch makes accidental button presses commonplace. It takes time getting used to.

Ports are covered up by flaps to prevent dirt from getting in. Shown here is the left side of the unit.

A 4.0-inch display rounds up the overall physique, and it’s a good one. Imagery is vivid on the highest brightness setting. Only the 5-megapixel main camera unit can be found on the backside, while the usual set of buttons and ports such as the volume rocker and micro-USB input are around the edges. The entire unit maxes out at only 11.13mm thick, making it slim but not super-slim by today’s standards.

 You have to take out the battery in order to insert a SIM card or microSD. Luckily, the back cover easily cooperates when being removed.

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