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O+ 6.3 Wi-Fi review

O+ 6.3 WiFi with Air Shuffle Preview

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Features and Imaging

The Air Shuffle

The O+ 6.3 WiFi runs on an exclusive OS by O+ that contains the Air Shuffle feature. This feature works via motion sensor where you can playback music on the phone by doing a simple gesture.

When you swipe your hand on top of the mobile phone from left to right or right to left while playing music, the track being played is changed. Moving from left to right goes back to the previous track while from right to left goes to the next track.


The O+ 6.3 WiFi sports a 3.2-megapixel rear camera that captures decent images and videos. This camera features zoom and face detection. 

It has frames and filters so you can easily edit images onboard.

Here is a sample shot where an edit has been applied. A negative filter has been used for this image.

While trying out its camera, we noticed something basic that is missing on it though - it does not have a built-in flash. Therefore, it is quite a challenge to take pictures at night or in locations with low light.


Priced at PhP 3,795, the O+ 6.3 WiFi is a decent choice for mobile phone users seeking for a bargain find. Though it may not be too intense in terms of features, it still has some things to offer that are quite noteworthy such as its Air Shuffle feature and its image-editing capabilities. Moreover, it is capable of connecting to the Internet via Wi-Fi so this mobile phone is definitely a good device for a price that is light on the budget.