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Samsung Galaxy S WiFi 5.0 review

Samsung Galaxy S WiFi 5.0 – Just the Right Dose of Mobile Entertainment

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The first time it touched the palm of our hands, Samsung’s Galaxy S WiFi 5.0 partly reminded us of the Galaxy S II. Packed with a 5-inch display, it looked and felt like the big brother of the Galaxy S II, except that it lacks the latter’s call and text features. A further research on the Galaxy S WiFi 5.0’s specifications reveals its model number: YP-G70. As we know, “YP” is Samsung’s prefix for its Yepp lineup of multimedia players, which confirms the Galaxy S WiFi 5.0’s core nature as a mobile entertainment handheld.

Embracing a straightforward design philosophy, the Galaxy S Wi-Fi 5.0 looks simple but never feels cheap. Adding to its neat physique is the chrome-like lining which frames the handheld’s curved fascia. Situated near the Samsung logo at the top of the screen are the speaker grille and the front-facing camera with VGA resolution. Meanwhile, the touch-sensitive menu and back icons, together with the home button in the middle, occupy the bottom of the screen.

Covering the entire back of the Galaxy S WiFi 5.0 is a white plastic panel which is not removable. The main attractions on this side include the 3.2-megapixel camera with LED flash and the grilles of the built-in stereo speaker system.

With a thickness measuring 11.9mm, the sides of the Galaxy S WiFi 5.0 is roomy enough to host physical connectors. The top side houses the slots for the lanyard and the microSD card. The handheld can support up to 32GB in addition to 8GB internal storage (there is also a 16GB variant). On the other hand, the bottom side holds the micro USB, integrated microphone, and the 3.5mm audio jack. The power button and the volume rocker are both found on the right side, whereas the left side is a totally vacant spot.

Although the Galaxy WiFi 5.0 is smaller than the previous-generation 7-inch Galaxy Tab, you wouldn’t be able to maneuver it single-handedly just like a smartphone. Its ample size says that you have to control it using your both hands.