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Google just announced their AI-liked camera called Google Clips
By Nestor Domingo Jr & Alvin Soon - on 5 Oct 2017, 11:52am

Google just announced their AI-liked camera called Google Clips

Google has just announced one of their upcoming products which is an actual camera called the Google Clips

Google Clips is like a camera that basically shoots short videos as if it's your own AI-powered personal photographer. It is a little square with a lens that you can clip to something or just set down. And through the power of machine learning, Google Clips will automatically capture candid moments which are deemed important.

The square-sized camera can take short videos that will last for several seconds, but you can also choose individual frames to save as auto-enhanced still photos. And even though Clips is supposed to function automatically, there’s also a shutter button (both on the camera and in its app) to take photos manually.

An example of pictures shot by the Clips.

Now, privacy alarm bells are probably going off for some, and Google says that they have thought of this through carefully. First of all, it doesn’t hide the fact that it looks like a camera, and there’s an indicator light for when it’s recording.

The Google Clips is also looking to grab clear, stable shots of you, people you know, and even pets! And all the machine learning is happening on the device itself. According to Google, nothing leaves the device until you decide to save and share it. And if you do, you can simply swipe the photo/s to save them in Google Photos.

Google Clips comes with 16GB of internal storage, will be available for the price of US$249, and will be “coming soon.