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Lenovo Confirms Imminent Arrival of LeTV
By Andy Sim - on 30 Nov 2011, 9:07am

Lenovo Confirms Imminent Arrival of LeTV

(Image credit: Lenovo)

Lenovo's LeTV may soon join the ranks of its 3.8-inch LePhone S2. The Chinese's choice of fancy French monikers is undoubtedly a strange one, but that aside, the Lenovo Group has recently confirmed the imminent launch of a Smart TV and cloud-computing strategies, according to an article published on The Wall Street Journal.

Second only to Hewlett Packard as the world's largest PC vendor, Lenovo has yet to provide any specifics pertaining to LeTV, such as its screen size, pricing or launch regions. However, it is likely the Internet-connected TV will be announced in Q1 next year. Apart from the physical set, Lenovo also mentioned they will be providing a cloud service for users to share content between devices as well as manage their personal and social networking information. Users will enjoy 200GB worth of cloud storage upfront.  

"On one hand, it's good that historically hardware-centric vendors recognize that the TV isn't just a box anymore," says Mr Bryan Ma, an analyst with IDC. "But it remains to be seen whether they can effectively compete against other technological companies in this new area."

Source: The Wall Street Journal via Engadget