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LG might implement major change in the design of new flagship device
By Jonnah Pante - on 27 Oct 2016, 1:39pm

LG might implement major change in the design of new flagship device

After a "make it or break it" move, which LG carried with the launch of the G5, the Korean multinational electronics company might carry a more "traditional" design on their next flagship device.

The LG G5, which the company unveiled earlier this year is LG’s and the world's first-ever smartphone with a Modular type design. It comes with the so-called “Friends,” that includes a wide range of companion devices for the LG G5 such as the Slide-out Battery, VR headset, LG 360 cam, LG Hi-Fi Plus audio player, LG TONE Platinum Bluetooth headset, and the LG Rolling Bot. Said devices can be connected to the LG G5 to activate its advanced features.


While LG has shown their innovative side on the release of the LG G5, the company is reported to drop the Friends module on their next flagship device. As reported by ETNews, this is due to the “inconvenience in removing and attaching modules, and users had to buy additional devices. Sales of the G5 were low, as there was a problem regarding production yield due to more complicated structure.”

The LG G6, which is expected to be unveiled at the first quarter of 2017 is reported to have features and functions that are not present in previous LG smartphones.

Source: ETNews, Express UK