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Modded Version of Google Play Shows Up Sans Country Restrictions
By Rico Cruz - on 16 Apr 2012, 9:43am

Modded Version of Google Play Shows Up Sans Country Restrictions

Image Source: Redmond Pie

Let's face it, the Philippines is usually a step behind when it comes to the availability of technology. The same goes for software, even for apps in the Google Play store (formerly the Android App Market). There are just some apps that won't work here. Unlike hardware though, there software has workarounds. A handful of resourceful folks over at XDA Developers forum have come up with a solution by creating a modified version of the Google Play app which lets you download whatever you want from Google's mobile app centre without fear of country restrictions. Redmond Pie, which originally posted the story, provides a step by step process for downloading and activating the modified app. We must warn you though that this could be dangerous for your smartphone, so proceed AT YOUR OWN RISK:

"Step 1: Download the modded .APK file from the original thread over at XDA.

Step 2: Connect your device to your computer.

Step 3: Place the .APK on your device, but don’t use adb install; it won’t work since the Play Store file will already exist.

Step 4: Open the .APK with a file explorer of your choosing, and install. When prompted as to whether you wish to replace the current Play Store app, you’ll want to select "Yes".

Step 5: After a short install process, that’s it. Your new, modded unrestricted Play Store app will be in full flow."

Source: Redmond Pie