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News 5 Everywhere Lets Users Upload Their Informative Videos Online
By Kevin Bruce Francisco - on 6 May 2013, 9:00am

News 5 Everywhere Lets Users Upload Their Informative Videos Online

Martin Andanar, News5 anchor and News 5 Everywhere project head, shares the goal of the platform - to engage citizens in a more effective approach through social streamcasting.

Riding with the rapidly-evolving digital age, the Philippine news broadcasting network, TV5 NEWS5, launched the News 5 Everywhere. It is the trans-media and cloud-based online video management platform in which NEWS5's reports are uploaded.

News 5 Everywhere on mobile phone.

News 5 Everywhere allows everyone to gain access to news as it happens after being documented by the NEWS5 journalists. It also serves as a video hosting website in which users can upload informative videos from their smartphones for everyone else to see. In addition, it integrates audience preferences and interests across various media.

The short clip below demonstrates the real time video streaming from an LTE-powered iPhone 5 accessible through the News 5 Everywhere platform.

“With News 5 Everywhere, NEWS5 is able to leverage the power of both media and technology in making the news accessible to everyone. The platform is designed to encourage more citizens to share their perspectives on the news, which will help empower them to become more responsible and vigilant members of society,” shared NEWS5 chief Luchi Cruz-Valdes.

The event demonstrated the initial set of news production and delivery capabilities of News 5 Everywhere, which include news content aggregation. Viewers and netizens who access the News 5 Everywhere website will also be able to view how many people are watching their selected news streamcasts, as well as what comments or sentiments that have been shared regarding the news via social media.

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