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Smart's New All-Net Services to Cut Your Bill in Half
By Rico Cruz - on 19 Oct 2011, 11:20am

Smart's New All-Net Services to Cut Your Bill in Half

MANILA, PHILIPPINES - Smart Communications, Inc. (Smart) recently launched its new All-Net offerings, the latest services under its All-In plans that give postpaid subscribers affordable rates on voice and SMS services to all networks.

Unlike other postpaid offers that add on extra charges for each service that one avails of, Smart Postpaid All-In plans incorporate all the services a subscriber needs into one convenient package.

With the introduction of the All-Net services as part of the All-In portfolio, Smart now has the lowest postpaid call and text charges to all networks. Smart Postpaid All-Net Talk lets subscribers cut their postpaid call charges in half with 80 minutes of calls to all networks at a rate of only PhP 250 for 30 days – bringing down the voice call rate to only PhP 3.12 per minute, while other providers charge as much as PhP 7.50 per minute.

Meanwhile, Smart Postpaid All-Net Text costs only PhP 350 for 30 days for 2,500 text messages to all networks, which is equivalent to only PhP 0.14 per SMS instead of the standard rate of PhP 1.00 per text charged by other networks.

Data services under the Smart Postpaid All-In plans also give the widest range of data volume on demand, from 25MB to 2GB. With the IDD bundle saver, you can make international calls at local rates, plus 5 minutes free for only PhP 200.

Smart Postpaid launched their new All-Net offerings through an “Amazing All-Net Race” challenge, a series of exciting games joined by members of the media, which highlighted the affordable and reliable communication experience delivered by the new service.

During the “Amazing All-Net Race,” participants made calls and sent text messages to other networks, did mobile Internet, and made IDD calls to overseas numbers using Smart Postpaid All-In plans. All these fun activities proved that these essential communication services can now be accessed more efficiently and affordably through a Smart postpaid subscription.

At the race, the participants also got to check their postpaid bills and compare the rates charged by other networks with Smart Postpaid’s All-Net offerings. This showed that when it comes down to crunching the numbers, Smart Postpaid’s lower rates do amount to bigger savings on one’s postpaid bill.

With rates this low, all the voice, SMS, data, and IDD services a subscriber needs can be included in a plan that fits one’s budget. For savvy postpaid subscribers who scrutinize their mobile phone bills and want to get the best value for their money, Smart Postpaid All-In plans with All-Net services are definitely the smartest choice.

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