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Smart's SmartNet Mobile Internet Platform Explained
By Rico Cruz - on 28 Sep 2011, 11:26am

Smart's SmartNet Mobile Internet Platform Explained

Screencap from our First Looks of the Smart NetPhone.

MANILA, PHILIPPINES - Following the launch of the Smart Netphone 701 and SmartNet, Smart Communications has released an article explaining exactly what SmartNet is. "It's not just a (piece of) software, a mobile website or an app" they say. Read on and be educated. 

What is SmartNet?

A world first, SmartNet is not just a software, a mobile website, or an app. SmartNet is a revolutionary platform of operator-managed services that are designed cater to the mobile warrior’s needs in today’s an all-IP (Internet Protocol) environment. 

“SmartNet enables the Netphone to become more than just a device for calling, texting, and browsing,” said Smart Broadband Internet and Data Services Head Giovanni Bacareza. “With it, the Netphone becomes a certified cloudphone as it becomes capable of using, receiving, and even availing of services, announcements, and software updates directly from Smart,” he added.

Once registered on SmartNet, you can enjoy the full benefits of the platform. Even non-Netphone users can register via

100% Pinoy

One example of a service that is unique to SmartNet and the Netphone is the Global Directory. The Global Directory allows Netphone users to search for friends and family on SmartNet simply by typing in their names on the phonebook’s search bar.

As soon as they’ve found the person they wish to connect with they can send a friend request similar to what is done in popular social networking sites.Once the receiving party approves of the request, his or her contact information will automatically be added into the requestor’s phonebook.

Another feature that sets SmartNet and the Netphone apart is Safe Browse. Safe Browse is a solution made by Filipinos for smartphone users in emerging countries.

“The modern smartphone is designed to be constantly connected to the web, thus making unexpected data charges more common among subscribers,” said Bacareza. “Safe Browse addresses that problem as it makes ‘bill shock’ a thing of the past,” he added.

Instead of turning off the phone’s data connection altogether to avoid unintended data use, Safe Browse makes available whitelisted sites and services. Once users try to visit unauthorized sites, Safe Browse even warns them of potential additional charges.

As a leading proponent of Filipino innovation, Smart has also taken measures to protect the Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) on several technologies used in the Netphone and on SmartNet.

A Deeper Connection

While SmartNet makes it possible for the Netphone to take advantage of the power of the web, it also allows for new ways of connecting with others.

Netphone-to-Netphone messaging is a standard feature which lets users chat for free. FX messaging, too, improves on traditional means of communication as it allows users to send emotive messages with the help of videos and moving images. Fancy telling someone you love them? Why not send a kiss?

Finally, there is Social Stream which aggregates feeds from your Twitter, Facebook, and SmartNet account so you can keep track of what’s going on in the web. You can even post your own updates at no extra cost.

More to Come

Even though SmartNet is still in its infancy, it already shows tremendous potential. Newer and better services and features are already in the works and will be deployed soon.
“We’re crafting new services and software as we speak. Like the ones that are already available, these are made with the needs of the Filipino in mind so expect nothing but the best for SmartNet and for the Netphone,” he ended.

The Netphone 701 is now available free at Smart Data Lite Plan 800 or on prepaid for P9,900. Visit for more details