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Steve Wozniak First in Line for iPhone 4S
By James Lu - on 14 Oct 2011, 9:51am

Steve Wozniak First in Line for iPhone 4S

source: Hardwarezone

Being one of the co-founders of Apple isn't stopping Steve Wozniak from joining the other Apple cultists, as he prepares to spend the night camped out outside the Apple store awaiting the iPhone 4S's release at 8AM on Friday morning.

Wozniak a.k.a. The Woz, a.k.a. The Other Steve, tweeted that he was first in line at his local Apple store in Los Gatos, California and also checked in on Foursquare (popular tip: very nice air conditioning!).

This isn't the first time The Woz has camped out for an Apple product. In 2008, Steve camped out on a couch in a San Jose mall for about four hours waiting for the release of the iPhone 3G. According to eye witness reports, he subsequently cut the line when the store opened at 8AM.