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Uber drivers in New York might start getting tips, CNN reports
By Patrick Alcantara - on 19 Apr 2017, 9:58am

Uber in New York might start getting tips, CNN reports

Independent Drivers Guild (IDG) in New York City filed a petition to include tipping options in Uber, CNN Tech reports.

According to a letter sent by Deputy Commissioner Christopher Wilson of Taxi and Limousine Commission (TLC) – which regulates yellow cabs and for-hire vehicles – the proposal discusses a rule requiring Uber and similar ride-booking services to enable tipping in their respective apps. After IDG received no response from Uber when they raised the issue in June, the petition was then addressed to TLC to push the move further.

IDG founder Jim Conigliaro Jr. projects that drivers could make USD 300 million more for a year if tipping options are enabled in ride-booking apps.

"New York City's professional drivers have traditionally depended on gratuites for a substantial portion of their income. Cuts to driver pay across the ride-hail; industry has made tipping income more important than ever," said Conigliaro. "People do want to tip."

In a reply sent to CNN, Uber said that they have not seen the proposal yet, while TLC is said to be proposing the rule by July before it becomes certified by the NYC Law Department and publicly posted for a 30-day comment period.