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World’s first Wind-Free aircon from Samsung will soon cool ASEAN homes
By Lionell Go Macahilig - on 17 Feb 2017, 1:23am

World’s first Wind-Free aircon from Samsung will soon cool ASEAN homes

Samsung Wind-Free AR9500M

From the kitchen to the laundry area, Samsung is extending the benefits of having a smart appliance to the entire home with the AR9500M, the first Wind-Free wall-mounted air conditioner from the Korean giant. The AR9500M was first introduced to the ASEAN market at Samsung’s Southeast Asia and Oceania 2017 Forum in Singapore, along with other smart home appliances such as the Family Hub 2.0, POWERbot VR7000, FlexWash, and quantum dot monitors and televisions.

Controllable using the Samsung Smart Home app, the IoT-enabled AR9500M is called Wind-Free because its slow-moving cool air (0.15mps) is dispersed through 21,000 micro air holes, resulting in a pleasing cooling experience to users and lower power consumption by up to 72 percent. The new appliance addresses the concerns with traditional air conditioning units, many of which consumes too much electricity and causes user discomfort due to direct contact with cold air.

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Another factor that contributes to the energy efficiency of the AR9500M is its use of Samsung’s Digital Inverter 8-Pole, in which an 8-pole motor consisting of eight magnets (instead of the usual four) generates fewer torque fluctuations so less energy is consumed. This mechanism works with Samsung’s POWERboost technology which shortens the time for a compressor to reach the maximum Hertz.

Design-wise, the AR9500M adopts Samsung’s Triangle Architecture which was previously seen in air conditioning units that were introduced in the SEA Forum 2014. This design gives the unit a wider inlet so more air can be drawn in at once. The new model also includes an Ultra Wide PM2.5 Filter that captures 99% of ultrafine contaminants and microbes in the air. Inside the AR9500M, an electrostatic charge is released, attracting positively charged particles to the negatively charged alloy plate.

A closer look at the unit reveals its micro air holes.

See the Samsung Wind-Free AR9500M in action in this video.