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Going Places with PayMaya

By Ashley Lucas - 17 Oct 2016

Going Places with PayMaya

Picture it. You see a seat sale. You can finally go to that country you wanted to visit but never got around to doing so. Now’s the chance! The thing is you’d rather spend the long weekend binge-watching a whole season of Game of Thrones while eating pizza and drinking soda than plan a trip out of the country. What with all the irrational expenses and tedious planning for a trip, right?

Well, times have changed, and gone were the days when traveling seemed a faraway dream. If anything, traveling has become a lot easier, more efficient, and even cheaper these days. So, if I were you, I’ll now book a ticket online.

Just think of it this way. When you finally hopped on the plane, you’ll be on your way to your dream vacation, cruising along half-empty streets, gazing at fine architecture, ogling at expensive brands of bags and shoes, the smell of authentic local food wafting through your nose, the chance to meet new, amazing people, no heavy traffic, no deadlines to beat, and no one around to undermine whatever you’re set out to do.

Add this. You got your PayMaya card to help you in your travel. Isn't that a bit surreal?