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Good things in drop-sized packages

By Rico Franco - 25 Oct 2018

Good things in drop-sized packages

Not all speakers are created equal. There are those that produce exquisite music but are unglamorously cumbersome in size and weight, while there are those that are quite handy to lug around, but have an audio quality that is quite poor and not really worth listening to.

This is the main reason why speaker manufacturers are all trying to outdo each other in the speakers that they come out with. Among the audio equipment manufacturers out in the market today, Altec Lansing is known to produce high quality electronic audio equipment, and one of their more popular products is the Drop Max Bluetooth speaker.

For such a small speaker system, the Drop Max comes with a surprising number of features that would put most other similar products to shame, or at the very least, have portable speaker owners wondering how all those cool features got squeezed into such a small package.

Holding Fast and Keeping Safe

A perennial issue among portable bluetooth speaker owners is the matter of how to secure the device in place without having it fall off and breaking, or otherwise getting lost somehow. Many speakers have been lost in this manner, either through breaking by falling off from wherever it was placed, or by being completely lost by falling off a moving platform.

Altec Lansing Drop max has a built-in magnet for attachment onto walls or other surfaces that magnets could adhere to. This is particularly useful should there be a flat surface on any moving platform, such as a vehicle, so that there would be no worries of the speaker falling off. Just to assuage the concerns of those who have experienced magnetic interference one time too many, the magnet does not distort or affect the sound quality given off by the speaker itself, which is a welcome fact to know. Other than the magnet, the Drop Max comes with a sturdy cable that helps to keep it in place when being positioned, adding to the comforting knowledge the speaker won't just go flying off if accidentally hit or bumped with enough force.

Speaking of bumps with enough force, the casing itself is of relatively thick rubber, providing better protection than the typical brittle plastic case some other bluetooth speakers come with. Many have lost interest in portable bluetooth speakers because of their experience with brittle plastic casings that crack and break even with seemingly simple drops or hits, which is why the designers of Drop Max took this into consideration in the construction of the bluetooth speaker. At this writing, there are actually Drop Max owners who admit their hearts sank when they accidentally dropped their Drop Max, only to have their faith restored upon seeing that the speaker was undamaged and still worked well. This ingenious design also took into consideration the damage that goes to the controls when the speaker does experience bumps and drops. The soft button controls are made of the same durable material, providing ample protection against typical damage incurred during use.

Just the Right Amount of Power

The 2200mah Lithium battery provides up to 5 hours of play time, which is not a bad thing when you consider the size of this speaker. Other portable speakers may boast of longer battery play time, but at the expense of being bulkier and more cumbersome in construction, and may not exactly fit into the streamlined shape of a speaker like the Altec Lansing Drop Max. This particular design actually makes complete sense when one considers the entire point of having a handy bluetooth speaker: ultimate portability, flexibility, and the ability to deliver a decent audio experience when needed. Bulkier batteries could mean longer play time, although the added weight and size could seriously lessen the ease and comfort of lugging around a supposedly highly portable speaker system. On the other hand, a speaker with a battery that is smaller than the type that comes with the Drop Max could be lighter and more compact, but not provide ample play time to actually be able to enjoy time listening to music. People often forget that the bluetooth connectivity system also needs to be powered for it to work, and the supposition is that the speaker's battery is simply dedicated to playing music.

No Worries from Water

Perhaps one of the best qualities of the Drop Max bluetooth speaker is the fact that it is not only resistant to water spills and splashes, but it is actually able to survive being dunked straight into water, thanks to an IPX 5 waterproof rating. The International Protection rating comes in levels that indicate if the device is able to resist a few water drops all the way to being submerged in over three feet of water. This is an important feature to take note of because it is immensely easy to have water-related accidents involving personal electronics. This is even more applicable in situations when the personal electronic device is as portable as a bluetooth speaker, which tends to be brought practically anywhere, even to places where water exposure is not just a possibility, but a certainty. The Drop Max as an IPX 5 rating, which means it can resist water propelled with the force of water jets from any direction. In practical application, this means that the Drop Max could survive being dunked into water with no ill effects or damage at all. This makes the Drop Max the ideal speaker to bring to trips where there will be watersports or swimming. Music is an unspoken necessity in most outings and excursions since it sets the mood for fun and activities, and having a waterproof speaker eliminates the worry that the water might stifle the fun by ruining the electronics.

All in all, the Altec Lansing Drop Max bluetooth speaker is definitely something you could bring to any kind of outdoor activity that would require some music to add to the fun. Even better is the fact that this is one speaker that will keep safe and stay safe regardless of the environment.