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By Andy Sim, Ng Chong Seng & Vijay Anand - 11 Jun 2011

Recommended Blu-ray Titles

Blu-ray Titles for Your Viewing Pleasure

To round off our TV guide, here are some handpicked Blu-ray titles to grace that new HDTV of yours. Besides offering loads of entertainment content, these Full-HD titles are similarly highlighted for their awesome picture quality and impressive sound engineering. From action-packed sequences to animated nostalgia, there's something for everyone in the family here. Best of all, Blu-ray discs are noticeably more affordable now compared to it nascent days, and they also support the 24p film rate as well.


If you failed to grasp the plot when you last caught it at the cinema, here's your chance to plow through Christopher Nolan's dreamscape in Blu-ray glory. Highly rated by as well, the crisp and detailed representation on this VC1 encoding makes this gripping corporate espionage spin very compelling indeed.

Iron Man - Ultimate Edition

Given that the sequel boasts of the silver toned War Machine and more high octane action, we still prefer the first Iron Man installment for its unfussy plot. Mastered in 1080p MPEG-4 AVC goodness with breathtaking clarity, there's no better way to catch Tony Stark and the ever-hot Virginia Potts (aka Gwyneth Paltrow).


Speed Racer

We might not like its tacky premise all that much, but Speed Racer does promise of mindblowing visuals and over the top colors. If you'd like to showoff the prowess of your Full-HD screen to your dinner guests, this is one Blu-ray title you shouldn't miss.

Avatar (Extended Collector's Edition)

This science-fiction flick based on the Na'vi race needs little introduction by now. Shot mainly in 3D, the Blu-ray extended collector's edition of James Cameron's blockbuster comes with the original theatrical release, extended cuts, deleted scenes and production featurettes.

Despicable Me

Voiced by Steve Carell, Gru's bumbling antics and fervent quest to steal the moon should hold your family captive for a good 95 minutes. Universal Studios' Blu-ray animation promises eye-popping visuals and inky blacks, plus a lovable theme to appeal to adults and kids alike. It's so fluffy! (Sorry, we couldn't help ourselves.)


Final Thoughts 

So there you have it! We hope our guide has armed you with the sufficient know-how when shopping for a HDTV. Apart from what we've shared in this article, always remember that it's wiser to trust your judgment rather than be swayed by unscrupulous salesmen or listen to hearsay. Peddlers would love to earn a quick buck, but not necessarily recommend what's best for your visual needs. The equation is simple; always justify your AV requirements and room settings before settling on that HDTV model. And please remember that a bigger screen might not necessarily always be the better option. Good luck, and have fun scouting!