Intel Z68 - The True Sandy Bridge Chipset

By Vincent Chang - 12 May 2011

Temperature & Power Consumption


The modest heatsinks on these Z68 and P67 motherboards tell the whole story; heat is generally not much of an issue here, even when overclocking. You can expect 50 degrees Celsius or less on the heatsinks, with the actual onboard components obviously having slightly higher temperatures. Nevertheless, these are all fairly safe temperatures.


Power Consumption

The MSI Z68A-GD80 (B3) had some issues with our Antec Quattro 1kW power supply, which meant we had to use a different PSU from our usual test configuration. This may skew its power draw figures slightly due to different power efficiency ratings, but looking at all the numbers, only the two ASUS boards went beyond the 200W mark at peak. These are all pretty efficient motherboards, especially at idle when the processor clocks draw down.