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JBL outs new headphones top-billed by Under Armour series

By Lionell Go Macahilig - 12 Nov 2016

JBL outs new headphones top-billed by Under Armour series

HARMAN is the company behind renowned labels like AKG, JBL, and harman kardon. Pictured is the harman kardon Go+Play.

70-plus and still at it

Looking at the shipment trends of various personal audio products from 2013 up to the current year, an estimated total of nearly 350 million units were shipped to consumers. By 2019, this amount is expected to exceed 380 million units, translating to more than 60% growth for wireless category, more than 120% growth for the sports category, and more than 130% growth for active noise cancelling category in terms of value. The growing demand for personal audio products with smart features is expected to push prices up in the next two to three years, according to HARMAN International Industries, Incorporated, the company behind the renowned labels AKG, harman kardon, and JBL.

HARMAN's Country Head for the Philippines Larry Secreto

In the Philippines, HARMAN’s business is doing well locally and in just a relatively short period of time, from 2015 to 2016, the company manifested a substantial sales growth. Now, just in time for the fast approaching holiday season, HARMAN is rolling out new audio products that consumers may consider choosing as part of their growing gift list.

“Consumers these days expect no compromise in value and design under varying activity and lifestyle conditions. We’re extremely pleased to expand our range of wireless models to be one of the industry’s most comprehensive family of sport and lifestyle headphones, specifically designed to amplify everyday experience,” said Larry Secreto, Country Head at HARMAN.

Apart from headphones, JBL is also known for its beach-ready Bluetooth speakers such as the JBL Charge 3.

The new models of personal audio products are part of JBL’s lineups of headphones and in-ears, namely the Under Armour series, Reflect series, E series, and the T series. The last two lines consist of models that are targeted toward sports-minded type of users. Understanding the fact that these users require an uninterrupted listening experience even when working out or being involved in an energetic sports activity, models of these lineups come with ergonomic ear tips and behind the ear or neck design for secure fit in spite of rapid movements. Most importantly, all of these boast the signature sound quality which JBL has been known for over 70 years.

Under Armour Series

Starting off with the Under Armour series, this line is led by the flagship Under Armour Sport Wireless Heart Rate – Engineered by JBL wireless headphone model. Extensively tested by professional athletes and designed for such kind of users, this water- and sweat-proof model’s key feature is in-ear heart rate monitoring with touch control for on-demand access to heart rate. It takes advantage of JBL’s proprietary TwistLock Technology, along with 35% smaller earbuds, to ensure fit and comfort. JBL and Under Armour also came up with the Sport Wireless Stephen Curry Edition as part of the collaboration.

Under Armour Sport Wireless Stephen Curry Edition - Engineered by JBL

JBL Reflect Series

Another sports-focused lineup, the Reflect series consists of new models, namely the new JBL Reflect Contour and the JBL Reflect Aware. Featuring Dual Lock technology, the Contour can fit both behind and in-ear by coupling a behind-the-ear hook with ergonomic ear-tips. The Aware, on the other hand, is a wired pair of headphones with a Lightning connector and combines active noise-cancellation and adaptive noise control.

JBL Reflect Contour

JBL Reflect Contour (Price: PhP 4,599)

JBL Reflect Mini BT

JBL Reflect Mini BT (Price: PhP 4,990)

JBL Reflect Response

JBL Reflect Response (Price: PhP 7,490)

JBL E and T Series

JBL’s E series and T series are comprised of headphone models that come with comfort-fit headbands, tangle-free cables, and a built-in microphone, allowing users to take phone call with the touch of a button. These two lineups also include wireless headphone and wired in-ear models.

JBL E Series

JBL E45BT (Price: PhP 4,990)

JBL E55BT (Price: PhP 7,290)

Check out the local website or physical stores for more information on the availability and prices of latest JBL products.