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Lights of Luxury - Philips Showcases Modern Living 2013 Collection

By Lionell Go Macahilig - 24 May 2013

Lights of Luxury - Philips Showcases Modern Living 2013 Collection

Bright Lights

Philips, a company known for its wide range of consumer products, recently showcased its latest array of light fixtures or luminaires during an event that was held at the NorthEast Square in San Juan City. Bearing the theme “Modern Living 2013 Collection,” the event was led by Fabia Tetteroo-Bueno, the General Manager of Philips Lighting sector. Sporting artful and classy designs, Philips latest light fixtures harness LED light bulbs that boast up to 20,000 hours of lifespan and can save up to 80% energy compared to traditional light sources.

Philips Lighting General Manager Fabia Tetteroo-Bueno (middle) leads the opening of the Modern Living 2013 Collection gallery at the NorthEast Square in San Juan City earlier this week.

See the following images to learn more about the different models of light fixtures that were showcased at Philips’ Modern Living 2013 Collection.

Philips Ledino 69089 Series

Sporting a design inspired by the sail of a boat, the Philips Ledino 69089/11 (PhP 2,995) and the 69089/31 (PhP 4,995) are wall-mounted luminaires made from premium aluminum curved gently outwards at the edges, directing a soft illumination around them to produce a dramatic silhouette in the living room. Each model is equipped with two 2.5W LED bulbs.

Philips Ledino 69285/31 and 69085/87

The Ledino 69285/31 and the 69085/87 are wall-mounted light fixtures that consist of two 2.5W LED bulbs with a round aluminum shell. Available in white and gray, these minimalist luminaires cast a diffuse glow from its smile-shaped opening. These models sell at PhP 4,995.

Philips Ledino 69086 / 69087 Series

Assimilating the traditional feel of a candle holder, the Ledino 69086 and the 69087 lines consist of wall-mounted light fixtures with two 2.5W LED bulbs inside cuboid shells. Available in black and white variants, each model sells for the price of PhP 4,995.

Philips Ledino 6909 Series

Available in table and floor lamp variants, the Philips Ledino 6909 series is prominent because of its ultra long neck attached to a slim base, forming a thin elegant arc while the light appears like hanging magically in the air. Each equipped with a pair of 2.5W LED bulbs, the 69091/31 and the 69091/30 table lamps cost PhP 5,995, whereas the 69090/31 and the 69090/30 floor lamps retail at PhP 12,950.

Philips Ledino 69079 Series

Philips’ Ledino 69079 series consists of table lamps clad in polished, pebble-shaped exteriors. Inside their shells, each table lamp model is equipped with a 7.5W LED bulb. With Philip’s tunable white LED feature, users can simply turn the dial down for a warmer light and up for cool white. Each model in the Ledino 69079 series costs PhP 7,995.

Philips Ledino 69069 Series

Philips Ledino 69067 Series

Another wall-mounted home lighting solutions, the Ledino 69069/31 and the 69069/87 (PhP 6,495) also come with two 7.5W LED bulbs and aluminum enclosures that feature a simple, linear design. Their ceiling-mounted variants, the Ledino 69067/31 and 69067/87 (PhP 7,995), are equipped with four 7.5W LED bulbs.

Philips Ledino 69032/31

The Ledino 69032/31 is studded with four 7.5W LED bulbs and features a wave-inspired design that adds a sense of graciousness to the room. The price for this is PhP 8,995.

Philips Ledino 69076 Series

Philips Ledino 69075 Series

Available in black and gray colors, the Ledino 69076 series is composed of desk lamps with an aluminum body that pivots effortlessly in all directions. Integrating a 7.5W LED bulb, the models in the series retail for PhP 9,995. The less expensive Ledino 69075 series has models that come with three 2.5W LED bulbs and are priced at PhP 4,995.

Philips Ledino 69051/48

Philips Ledino 69052/48

Described as an invisible disc of light, the Ledino 69051/48 (PhP 19,950) and the 69053/48 (PhP 37,950) are ceiling-mounted light fixtures that combine the power and energy efficiency of three 7.5W LED bulbs with the timeless beauty of glass and brushed aluminum. Similar to the 69053/48, the 69050/48 (PhP 12,950) features a suspension-type design with a single 7.5W bulb. The table lamp relative of these models, the 69052/48 is equipped with six 2.5W LED bulbs and sells at PhP 17,950.

Philips Roomstylers CIELO 40550 Series

Summing up the showcase is the most expensive in the lot, the Philips Roomstylers CIELO 40550 series is an elegant suspension-type lamp that is available in matte black and luxurious gold colors. Espousing a seemingly bulb-less design, the 40550 series is actually powered by 24 units of 2.5W LED bulbs. A luxurious piece for the living room, Philips caps the 40550 series with a price tag of PhP 44,950.