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The Master's Gathering: a Cooler Master modding workshop

By Patrick Alcantara - 20 Sep 2016

The Master's Gathering: a Cooler Master modding workshop

Mad Mike was the first one to take the stage and spoke about the basic tools needed for modding and how custom decals can be easy and do a lot in personalizing your PCs. Followed by Pearl Black, Homer engaged the crowd into an educational discussion on how to sleeve PSU cables and introduced everyone to DIY LEDs.

Kryptek and Tantric shared the stage with actual cutting and bending of acrylic materials as the most recommended material for modders and challenged a workshop participant to build his own PSU cover on the spot. Bending pipes using a heat gun for watercoolers were also demonstrated with some tips and ideas from the audience, making the whole modding workshop experience interactive and fun.

Besides showcasing the FreeForm Modular System with the MasterCase series (MasterCase 5, MasterCase Pro 5 Nvidia edition, MasterCase Maker 5, MasterCase Pro 3), Cooler Master flashed other products such as the MasterLiquid 240, the Masterkeys, and the Mastermouse.

The event ended with the Fastest Team PC Assembly and the announcement of BattleModz, where the Philippines’ top modders will compete head to head for the best Pinoy Pride themed MasterCase.