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Mobile World Congress 2013 Event Round-Up

By Katrina Canlas & Sidney Wong - 4 Mar 2013

Mobile World Congress 2013 Event Round-Up

Mobile World Congress 2013 Highlights

Mobile World Congress has always been the event for handset manufacturers to launch their flagship devices and battle for the attention of the media. However, this year was different as another major player decided to back out and held its own event a week earlier.

HTC held a bi-continental launch event for its flagship phone, the One in London and New York City a week before MWC 2013 started. LG and Samsung also announced their new devices before MWC 2013 started.

Nonetheless, there were other players in the industry that took the spotlight at the event, which include ASUS, Huawei And ZTE. Mobile operating systems and processors also took centre stage this year as we explored Firefox OS, Ubuntu OS and NVIDIA Tegra 4i. 

We round up the news and hands-on articles at MWC 2013 below for your easy reference and reading.

Major Highlights and Hands-on Experience from MWC 2013

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