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Monster Launches New Trendsetting Headphones

By Kevin Bruce Francisco - 12 Oct 2012

Monster Launches New Trendsetting Headphones

Opus Restaurant & Lounge at Resorts World Manila played host to Monster's formal launch of their new lineup of headphones that was said to "set the new trend in the Philippines' headphone market". Inspired by well-known musical influences like Miles Davis, Nick Canon, and Earth, Wind & Fire, the selling point of their new products are the mixture of good aesthetics and superior music experience for the users.  Included on the list are:

  • Monster Diamond Tears - PhP 21,000
  • Monster Diesel - PhP 17, 500
  • Monster Inspiration - PhP 21,000
  • Monster iSport Immersion - PhP 12,000
  • Monster iSport Livestrong - PhP 12,000
  • Monster N-ergy - PhP 4,200
  • Monster N-tune - PhP 9,800
  • Monster DNA - TBA
  • Monster Gratitude - TBA
  • Monster Miles David Trumpet - TBA

Robert Fong, Managing Director for Asia Pacific, introduced the new headphones to the press and distributors at the event.

 Monster Diamond Tears (PhP 21,000) - The Diamond Tears headphones claim that it is “edgy like diamonds, smooth like tears”. They give style-conscious consumers a brand new way to enjoy all their favorite music with high-quality sound and performance.

Monster Diesel (PhP 17, 500) - These provide users with a comfortable, premium-quality listening solution that blends the worlds of fashion and great sound as well.

Monster Inspiration (PhP 21,000) - As the company's first over-ear, noise cancelling headphones,  they have interchangeable headbands that will let users freely express themselves.

Monster iSport Immersion and iSport Livestrong (PhP 12,000) - These in-ear headphones has a "no-slip fit" feature perfect for active athletes on-the-go.

Monster N-ergy (PhP 4,200) - Details cranked up and bass dropped while being distortion-free - this is what makes up the Monster N-ergy.

Monster N-tune (PhP 9,800) - Same as the N-ergy, but provides the listener an on-ear experience.

Monster DNA - Sound is distinct and isolated, making the music experience rich, fresh, and clear.

Monster Gratitude - Natural is the key word. The vocals, percussion, and brass scream out the music of Earth, Wind & Fire. The group-inspired headphones bring pure and life-like reproduction of sound.

Monster Miles Davis Trumpet - The music of Miles Davis echoes in these in-ear headphones. The design is based on a trumpet mouth-piece that brings forth textures and complexities of jazz music.

The new lineup of Monster headphones aim to suit every user's unique needs in style and functionality. The company boasts a combination of design and serious sound quality fused in each headphone.