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MyPhone’s TARA App – Theft Protection On-the-Go
By Martin James David & Katrina Canlas - 5 Nov 2013,1:10pm

MyPhone’s TARA App – Theft Protection On-the-Go

Theft Protection On-the-Go

Ever since mobile phones have been introduced in the country, these devices have become hot on the eyes of looming thieves. Having a smartphone, tablet, or even a mobile handset get stolen sets you back and gives you additional problems.

MyPhone has developed its very own Theft Apprehension and Asset Recovery (TARA) application to respond to the increasing number of mobile theft cases in the country. This application is developed by Filipinos and it renders the phone useless as it fully locks the system in case of theft to secure stored data.

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The use of TARA is free of charge and end-users only have to do a one-time registration to activate the application. Creating an account is as simple as registering an e-mail account. To activate the application in case of theft, the user both sends a text message to the phone or calls TARA’s hotline and once confirmed the stolen device will start screaming “magnanakaw” (thief) to alarm people.

This application debuted when MyPhone first launched the Agua Iceberg phablet. This 5.7-inch quad-core phablet retails at PhP 11,988 which is quite a sum of money making it more enticing for thieves but thanks to the TARA application consumers get a bit more protection in terms of theft prevention. We were able to personally have a run through of the device last July during its launch.

MyPhone Iceberg

Following the Iceberg is MyPhone’s Vortex. The Vortex is also part of the company’s Agua series of Android smartphones. This 5-inch smartphone offers dual-SIM capabilities and comes with a quad-core processor. It is also comes protected by a layer of Gorilla Glass 2 and the TARA anti-theft technology. Click here for an article that details the Vortex’s specs.

My Phone Vortex

MyPhone isn't only providing the exclusive TARA application to the cream of its crop as it also introduces two budget Android smartphones, the Rain 3G and Rain 2G, that offer this feature. On one hand, the Rain 3G is a budget smartphone that features a 3.5-inch touchscreen. Powered by a dual-core 1GHz processor, the Rain 3G already runs on Android 4.2 Jelly Bean and retails for PhP 2,998.

MyPhone Rain 3G

On the other hand, the Rain 2G is similar to the Rain 3G as it comes with a 3.5-inch display, dual-core 1GHz processor, and retails for PhP 1,998. It supports Wi-Fi connectivity but as its name suggests it doesn't support 3G connectivity. Both the Rain 3G and Rain 2G also have the TARA anti-theft application pre-installed in them.

MyPhone Rain 2G

Last but not the least, the MyPhone A888 Duo is another smartphone that gets TARA support. This 4.5-inch smartphone runs on a 1GHz dual-core processor and Android Jelly Bean. 

MyPhone A888 Duo