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One on One - An Interview with George Su, ASUS Philippines Country Manager

By Lionell Go Macahilig - 15 Jun 2012

One on One - An Interview with George Su, ASUS Philippines Country Manager

Mr. George Su, the new Country Manager of ASUS Philippines, posing for the camera with the ASUS Zenbook UX31A Ultrabook.

We got a chance to interview Mr. George Su, the new Country Manager of ASUS Philippines, who shared with us his thoughts about the Philippine market and the new products which ASUS unveiled during Computex 2012.

Being the new Country Manager of ASUS Philippines, what challenges are you expecting to encounter in the Filipino market?

Down through the years, ASUS has been putting a lot of effort in the Philippine market, and with that, many Filipinos are already familiar with our products. This is actually a good asset for ASUS. However, one of the main challenges is the fact that the Philippines is a country with a young yet fast-growing population. Additionally, taking into account that the Philippines has a booming call center industry, many consumers are working in night time and spending money in day time. This different buying behavior is another challenge which ASUS needs to understand.

Leveraging on our more than 3,100 world-class R&D (research and development) engineers, which makes up to 35% of ASUS’ total work force, we are trying to discover new products that really address the Philippine market.

In line with this endeavor, we announced the Happiness 2.0 campaign several weeks ago. Under this new campaign, ASUS believes that we need not only to deliver cutting-edge technology, but we also need to deliver products that feature good design and audio quality. We need to provide consumers with mobile devices that are both smart and easy-to-use, enabling them to access data at any time.

ASUS Transformer Book

Observing ASUS’ presence in Computex this year, we noticed that your new products such as the Tablet 600, Tablet 810, Transformer AIO, and the Transformer Book are inspired by the tablet-to-notebook convertible design of Transformer tablets. What is the logic behind ASUS’ use of such a form factor?

Last year when ASUS introduced the Eee Pad Transformer TF101, it seemed like an innovation. Learning from the history of mobile computing devices, we realized that although tablets are sufficient in delivering daily needs, consumers still use conventional notebooks as a productivity tool. Thus, we came up with the Eee Pad Transformer which can offer the best of both worlds. As a matter of fact, many consumers who bought the Eee Pad Transformer also bought the keyboard-equipped docking station. This means that many people really appreciate such a form factor. It is now a well-accepted concept and people have realized that it is useful and workable. In Computex this year, some brands have started integrating the same form factor into their lineup. Being the inventor of this concept, we want to develop it to make it more user-friendly.

ASUS S Series Ultrabook

At the ASUS booth in Computex, we spotted the S Series Ultrabook. What will be its position in your Ultrabook lineup?

Although Intel introduced the Ultrabook concept last year, it has been a successful product proposition. Now that people are aware of its existence, the industry is gearing toward making it more affordable so more people can access Ultrabooks and enjoy the benefits that they can offer. In line with this goal, we see that the S Series Ultrabooks can address this demand. Less expensive than Zenbooks, the S46 and the S56 mainstream Ultrabook models are 21mm-thin and are equipped with a hybrid hard disk solution so users can enjoy fast boot time, coupled with the Instant On feature.