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A pocket-sized drone shooting 4K photos

By Patrick Alcantara & Vijay Anand - 9 Jan 2017

A pocket-sized drone shooting 4K photos

Gone are the days when gearing up with two digital SLRs and a tripod is enough to cover an event. For a couple whose primary goal is to star in a 3-minute cinematic wedding video, glidecams, flycams, and sliders would not wrap up the coverage. Not unless you shoot them with a flying drone above.

Hand-sized when fully extended.

Here it is all folded up - ready to be tossed in your handbag or even your pocket.

Rechargeable lithium battery pack.

How does a foldable drone with 13-megapixel camera, auto tracking for smooth video shorts, motion-guided control, and palm-based take-off tickle your heart? You read it right: IT FITS YOUR PALM, SO AS YOUR POCKET.

Zerotech's Dobby pocket drone promises all of this for just less than US$ 400. This Qualcomm powered mini drone uses removable rechargeable lithium batteries so that you can buy extra packs to swap them out for longer continuous usage. Its 13-megapixel camera allows you to capture 4K stills or Full HD videos with electronic image stabilization.

Controlling the drone is via smatphone app.