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Power to Cool the Case - Antec PSUs, Coolers, and Casings Showcase

By Kevin Bruce Francisco - 15 Oct 2012

PC Casings

Empowering The Desktop PC's Tower

The heart and soul of a desktop PC setup depend on the tower. Therefore, careful planning must be done beforehand to make sure that your desktop tower, which holds the hardware components, will turn out efficient. Here is a showcase on what you can buy in terms of casings, cooling systems, and powers supply units. PC builders, attention please!

So you're planning to set up your own PC and you have the necessary parts in mind – you have your motherboard, graphics card, hard disk drive, etc. Where are you all putting them, though? The following cases provide ample amount of space for housing your precious babies, plus a few more added features. Check them out!

Antec Eleven Hundred - PhP 5,848

The Antec Eleven Hundred casing measures 546 x 528 x 236mm and is compatible with up to 3-way NVIDIA SLI or 4-way AMD CrossFireX multi-GPU setup.

It has cable routing holes lined with rubber grommets and 36mm of space behind the motherboard tray.

Two front panel USB 3.0 ports are built-in on the Eleven Hundred.

The casing's bays can accommodate three 5.25-inch drives, two 2.5-inch drives, and six 3.5-inch drives (rail-mount design).

Antec One S3 - PhP 2,473

The Antec One S3 stands 17.2 inches and provides PC builders a high quality enclosure at an affordable price.

Like the Eleven Hundred, two USB 3.0 ports are situated on the casing's front panel.

It has a total of 10 bays for three 5.25-, five 3.5-, and two 2.5-inch drives.