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Printing beyond paper: HP Latex 360 and Designjet D5800 Production Printer

By Lionell Go Macahilig - 15 Aug 2016

Printing beyond paper: HP Latex 360 and Designjet D5800 Production Printer

Printing Workhorses

Moving on to Norde International Distributors’ booth at Systems Integration Philippines 2016 trade show, we spotted two of HP’s large-format printers from the Latex and the Designjet lineup. As many of us already know, printers from these families are not the usual types that consumers play around or work with at home and in the office. These workhorses are meant to produce printouts that empower businesses in the areas of advertising, marketing, retail, fashion, print media, and many more.

HP Latex 360

The first of the two, the HP Latex 360 is a workhorse of many possibilities as it can accommodate and print on a variety of substrates apart from paper: canvas, fabrics, vinyl, and wood. Imagine: banners, store signage, and designed textiles coming out fresh from the Latex 360. As proofs, Norde showed us some of the actual products that were made with the help of this printer: cloth bags, wallpapers, portraits on plywood and corrugated board, and outdoor advertisements.

HP Designjet D5800

Meanwhile, HP’s Designjet D5800 Production Printer’s potential can be seen more specifically in the lines of print media, photography, and advertising. Banners, posters, mockups, proofs, and displays based on coated paper, technical paper, and photographic paper are just some of the outputs that one could expect from this specialized large-format printer.  

The designs printed on the fabric of these bags are output of the HP Latex 360.

Printing on plywood and corrugated board is not impossible with the HP Latex 360.

Indoor and outdoor display ad creation is another strength of the HP Latex 360.

Shown here are the other substrates and media on which the Latex 360 can print.

Interested parties may contact Norde at 4354899 and 4359288.