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Rammy Bitong shares tips for aspiring DJs

By Patrick Alcantara - 24 Nov 2016

Rammy Bitong shares tips for aspiring DJs

The crowd. The atmosphere. The music. DJs play an invaluable role in bringing to life any gathering they’re a part of through their skill and passion for music. Often heralded but sometimes also overlooked, DJs put in a lot of hard work in honing their craft.

Sony EXTRA BASS ambassador and fast-rising DJ Rammy Bitong has been making noise since he started spinning as a 19-year-old college student back in 2013.

How did your start as a DJ? How did your passion for music grow?

Before I became a DJ, I was a dancer. It was almost innate to be “passionate” about music. After a few years, my love for dance waned a bit, so I wanted to try something new. I took DJ classes one summer, and immediately fell in love with the craft.

What are some of the biggest misconceptions about DJ-ing?

One would be that DJs make their own music. There are those who also produce, but primarily DJs mix the music. Some think we only “push buttons”. The audience doesn’t see all the work we put into preparation, practice, and digging for music. It’s not as easy as everyone thinks.

Can you name some essential equipment to begin?

Most importantly, your ears should be in good condition. You’re going to be using them a lot! For the equipment, a simple controller will do. It is commonly used for young beginners who need the basic functions for practice. Last but definitely not the least, a good pair of headphones! They’ll come in handy when you’re digging for the right tracks for your mixes, and when you’re casually enjoying your favorite music. Headphones let you feel the beats before you share the experience to your audience.

As a Sony ambassador, how does the EXTRA BASS series help you in your music listening experience?

I really like how the EXTRA BASS line gives me a closer feel to that of a gig because of the strong sound it brings. It’s portable and really easy to use, which makes it the best choice for listening to music anytime, anywhere. Being a DJ, I listen to music day in and day out. Sony definitely delivers on overall comfort and quality. Oh, and I was also extremely impressed at how long the battery lasts!

What do you love most about being a DJ and what are some of the downsides of it?

It may seem cheesy, but what I enjoy most is the happiness it brings me. I’m always excited for gigs and events because DJ-ing makes me so, so happy.

The downsides—mainly the hours and stability. There are times when I’m on my way home from a gig and the sun’s already rising. It’s not as stable as a “9 to 5” job. Some months you’re booked for gigs every week and then there are some weeks where you don't have any at all. Being a DJ has its pros and cons. But in all honesty, I love it and don’t regret it one bit.

For beginner and aspiring DJs, what are the 5 most important tips you can give them?

  1. Practice, practice, practice!
    As the saying goes, “hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.”
  2. Never stop learning
    There will always be something new to learn in this craft. Read articles, watch tutorials, watch documentaries, listen to podcasts, ANYTHING! Invest in yourself and trust me, it will be worth it.
  3. Be patient
    Don’t expect to be great overnight. Good things come to those who wait AND work hard. Don’t give up just because you make mistakes or you feel like you didn’t do a good job.
  4. Love what you do
    As cliché as that may sound, it’s the only way to really be passionate. I am ADDICTED to DJ-ing. When I’m not doing it, I’m thinking about it. Don’t be a DJ for the wrong reasons.
  5. Respect
    Respect the industry. There have been many DJs who started from the ground up and got to where they are because of hard work. It is only right that we show some respect. Do some research about the history of DJ-ing.

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