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Reverberating the vibrant life: Motorola VerveLife Bluetooth earphones launch

By Lionell Go Macahilig - 18 Aug 2016

Reverberating the vibrant life: Motorola VerveLife Bluetooth earphones launch

Models strike a pose with the Motorola Verve Rider+, Bluetooth earphones with water-proof properties which make it an ideal audio accessory during wet and sweaty workouts.

A Sound Agreement

Back in 2008, Motorola Mobility and Binatone, a British telecommunications company with nearly 60 years of experience, entered into an agreement, resulting in the latter becoming an official Motorola licensee. This agreement bestowed Binatone exclusive rights to design, develop, manufacture, market, and sell certain consumer mobile accessory products under Motorola. Fast forward to the present, Binatone is launching the VerveLife, a new line of wearable accessories from Motorola which includes Bluetooth earphones.

The Verve Ones+, the collarless relative of the Rider+ is shown here submerged in a glass of water to demonstrate its waterproof characteristics.

Targeted towards today’s generation, which consists of those who are determined to do what it takes and want to have it all, Motorola’s VerveLife current line of products is comprised of the Verve Rider, Verve Rider+, Verve Ones, and the Verve Ones+.

Verve Rider and Verve Rider+

The Verve Rider and the Verve Rider+ are collar wear style Bluetooth earphones visually differentiated by their color schemes. The Rider comes with an all-black collar, while that of the Rider+ brandishes a black and flaming orange color scheme. In addition, the Rider+ differs from its sibling, being sweat- and water-proof with an IP57 rating.

Verve Rider

Apart from these discrepancies, the two products are essentially the same, being capable of delivering up to 12 hours playtime, detectable up to 150-foot range, and compatible with iOS and Android. The two models also come with an integrated microphone for calls and vibrating notification as additional features.

Verve Rider+

Verve Ones and Verve Ones+

On the other hand, the Verve Ones and the Verve Ones+ fall under the true wireless stereo earbuds category of the Verve lineup. Design-wise, these models do not come with a collar band and wires, unlike in the case of the Verve Rider and the Verve Rider+. Instead, they come with a charging case that doubles as a holder when the earbuds are not in use.

Verve Ones

Differentiated in the same way as the Rider and the Rider+, the Ones and the Ones+ also share similar set of features with their collared cousins, though they have a shorter range nailed at up to 33 feet.

Verve Ones+

Locally distributed by Digits Trading Corporation, the the Verve Rider, Verve Rider+, Verve Ones, and the Verve Ones+ costs PhP 2,950, PhP 3,950, PhP 9,950, and PhP 10,950 respectively.